Spy Bahu Written Update 29th September 2022:

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Episode begins with legal dispute going on. Yohan says he needs to cross inquiry Gopal. He submits sone proof to court. Yohan gets some information about his month to month procuring. Then, at that point, he makes reference to about a major amount of cash being moved to Gopal the previous evening which demonstrates he took hush-money for giving guardianship so his explanations ought not be acknowledged as proof for the situation hearing.

Judge consents to Yohan’s requests and gives date of following day for definite hearing. Shabnam says following day Ahana would herself give her assertion and the miscreant can’t get away from the discipline. Sejal and Yohan discuss something significant being missed. Sejal sees how Ahana left lodging at 1 am and arrived at police headquarters around two hours some other time when it ought to require just a single hour to reach from the inn.

Yohan says she will concoct some rationalization. Sejal tells they can utilize the cctv film from the street. She calls Sk sir and solicitations him to get all the recording of the street. She feels sure of uncovering Ahana’s phony allegations.

At court, Sabnam calls Ahana to give her assertion. Nandas get stressed as Sejal has not arrived at the court yet with proof. Yohan contemplates whether she can’t track down any proof. Shalini attempts to call her yet she isn’t reachable.

Ahana gives her equivalent bogus tale about being attacked by Yohan when she went to request that he save her from Veera. Yohan says he doesn’t have anything to say as Sejal hasn’t arrived at the court. Judge is going to give judgment in support of Ahana however Sejal arrives at the court and stops him. She demands to present some proof.

Judge allows her. Yohan tells about Ahana going with her companion as opposed to going to police headquarters from the lodging that evening. Yohan presents the cctv film which shows Ahana going to bar with a person. The server at the bar gives proof he had seen Ahana and she even paid him extra to keep the bar open after the standard working hours. Judge declares that Yohan is blameless and was erroneously charged by Ahana.

Ahana begins chuckling and says she needs to save two minutes of quiet for everybody as every one of them in the court will pass on. Veera is in police van being moved to greater jail as she harassed the cook. Veera spreads smoke in the van and runs out from the police van. Arbaaz is sitting tight for herself and compliments her for her opportunity once more.

Sk sir gets a call and Ahana requests that he get it as it is significant. He says about Veera getting away from police authority. Reviewer and SK sir are going to leave the room yet when overseer opens the entryway there is a tremendous blast and the episode closes with investigator kicking the bucket on the spot and everybody being left stunned while Ahana is all blissful.

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