Spy Bahu Written Update 19th September 2022:

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Episode begins with Veera conversing with Yohan and saying she is missing Aarti a great deal and he is precisely same as her. She tells pretty much every one of some unacceptable things occurring at their home and Yohan reviews how every one is connected with Veera from Farid passing on, Drishti falling wiped out to again Shalini’s demise.

He keeps himself quiet and Veera says how he is splitting the difference and remaining with perilous Sejal for purpose of his child. Yohan tells Veera not to be overemphasized as everybody gets back for their bad behaviors. Ahana scrubs down and thinks she is feeling decent after lengthy.

When she comes outside she is stunned to see lights off and seat moving in any event, when the window is close and fan is off. Abruptly blood drops falls on her. She shouts and is stunned to see that on reflect its composed that Shalini will return to get her payback. She additionally sees Shalini’s soul and runs from space to call everybody being frightened. When Nandas come to her room, the mirror is now spotless. Ahana figures she can’t see about retribution note and says she failed to remember what was composed there.

Veera lets Ahana know that she is focused on and ought to take appropriate rest. Ahana is as yet terrified. Yohan and Sejal return to their room and the lights cut off. Yohan tells her not to frenzy and he will check. Shalini’s soul shows up there. Then its uncovered the way in which Shalini had never kicked the bucket and was saved by Yohan and Sejal.

Yohan says in the event that they were minimal toward the end of last day she would truly be a soul now. Its shown the way that they had made Shalini wear an indestructible coat with pocket of fluid connected to it which seemed like blood when she was shot. Shalini asked how did Arbaaz and Veera accept she was dead.

Sejal makes sense of that when she had given water to Shalini she had blended a medication which decreases heartbeat so when Arbaaz checked her pulsar he was unable to track down it. Later at incinerator place, Tanhaji had assisted Yohan with eliminating Shalini and supplant it with doll. Yohan tells all will be useless in the event that Ahana doesn’t give everything away. Sejal says she most certainly will as dread can make anybody fool.

Yohan says he will pass on Shalini to room. Shalini goes into space to rapidly track down Krish there and stows away. He offers Shalini’s number one blossoms to her photograph edge and says he misses her a ton. Later Shalini thinks how Krish really esteems her so much and calls him best brother by marriage. At morning everybody is eating and Shalini looks outside feeling hungry.

Ahana sees her and she behaves like a soul. Ahana being terrified calls everybody except Shalini isn’t there. Veera admonishes Ahana and advises her to zero in on their last mission and not do any idiocy. Yohan and Sejal have a generous discussion. The episode closes with Ahana being locked inside the storm cellar with Shalini’s soul.

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