Spy Bahu 5th August 2022 Written Update:

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The episode begins with Yohan and Sejal coming to the momo shop. Sejal gets some information about officials yet he says her she is mixed up. Sejal gets stunned. She advises Yohan to accept her and she will show off her abilities at police headquarters in the wake of meeting SK sir. SK Sir and TanhaJi have a discussion. TanhaJi says SK sir that went to meet photographic artists and finishes up about them having a snap where in Sejal may be caught. SK sir chasten him for his carelessness.

SK Sir sees on the cctv camera that Sejal is coming to the workplace with Sejal and Mahira. He understands Sejal has been gotten by Yohan and she is coming there to show what her can do as spy. Sejal jumps in and requests that SK Sir come clean. SK sir acts and denies all that Sejal has been saying. Sejal recalls how she was prepared by them and feels unsettled. Sejal asks atleast TanhaJi to come clean. Mahira says how Sejal is driving and being discourteous to officials. Yohan is astounded. Sejal tells SK sir that she realizes her character ought to be covered up however presently she is being labeled as psychological militant and requests that he tell truth.

Sk Sir denies and expresses Yohan to accept his significant other as he doesn’t need family show. Sejal feels double-crossed. Yohan heads outside. Sejal embraces him and requests that he trust her words. Tanhaji questions Sk sir for selling out Sejal. Yohan says he needs to trust everything except he recollects the image with her saree stained in blood. Sejal lets him know that she will demonstrate everything to him and requests one more opportunity. Ahana attempts to control him once more. Sejal yells at her and advises her to quit taking her sibling Fahid’s name.

Sejal proclaims that she is Mahira.Yohan recollects when he had said about Mahira to Sejal and showed her image. Sejal says how she needed to say him reality yet couldn’t accumulate sufficient boldness so she had composed all that and given to him as a letter yet it got lost by them. Veera converses with her psychological militant group and tells now she will get the unlawful compound produced under her direction in Nanda businesses. Sejal advises Yohan to accompany him to night school and she will demonstrate him reality.

Sejal tells about Aarti and how there is secret concealed at the night school run by Veera. Mahira says she is currently in any event, utilizing Aarti. Yohan consents to go with her. Sejal asks Mahira to handover her telephone. She is reluctant however needs to give the telephone in light of the fact that Yohan asked her to. Veera is displayed in the night school and conversing with Aarti’s skeleton and chuckling joyfully. Veera joyfully continues to hit the dance floor with the skeleton. The episode closes with Sejal and Yohan alongside Ahana coming towards Veera’s room in the night school where she has maintained her mysteries stowed away.

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