Spy Bahu 15th August 2022 Written Update:

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Yohan feeling choked out that he can’t continue on from recollections of Sejal. Veera comes there and starts genuinely demanding him to acknowledge Mahira to continue on from Sejal. Veera lets him know that for the beyond a half year Mahira has been dealing with Drishti, her child and the entire family. She continues to adulate Mahira and tells Yohan he ought to contemplate her joy. Yohan tells he isn’t prepared for marriage yet will do it assuming she needs.

Veera says there will be puja for offering the main wedding card. She additionally says regarding commitment following two days and marriage following three days. Yohan is as yet puzzled yet concurs being sincerely controlled by Veera. She grins joyfully seeing her arrangement finding actual success. Yohan goes to meet Drishti who is dozing being quieted. He contacts Rakhee with her hands and ties on his own wrist and requests grace for neglecting to keep her safeguarded. He has flashbacks of Rakshabandhan when Drishti attached Rakhi to him and Krish. They prodded her about gift. Later Sejal gave Drishti a watch and said it will help her that both to remember them will continuously associate with her.

Yohan cries and says this time he will not do any slip-up and requests that Drishti allow him another opportunity. Veera meets Ahana and tells her that she has previously gone about her responsibilities and presently its her move. Ahana meets Yohan and hands him arrangements of Drishti’s medications, child’s necessities and so forth. Shalini is shown hearing their discussion. Yohan lets Ahana know that he will always be unable to cherish her and in the event that she can be blissful in such a marriage. Ahana keeps flattering.

Shalini thinks before Mahira turns into her sister by marriage she really wants to learn about her as something is most certainly exceptionally off-putting. Ahana says Yohan that she will apply meds on his injuries. Yohan tells her that despite the fact that he can’t adore her he will in any case attempt to make their marriage work. Ahana embraces him and grins joyfully. Saras is doing puja for Sejal’s spirit yet Minal demands that her girl is as yet alive and she is certain Sejal will return to their home. Sejal’s recollections with her family are all shown. While on other hand, Yohan and Ahana sit for puja together.

The minister requests that they compose on wedding card and deal it to god. Veera sneers cheerfully. Yohan reluctantly takes part in the ceremonies. Sejal is shown and she is getting flashbacks of two children playing in the Kashmir Valley. She awakens and babuji comes there inquiring as to whether she could recall who are those children. She tells for the beyond five months she has recuperated, she can’t recall that anything by any stretch of the imagination. Its pleasant of him to give her a sweet make like Paro however she couldn’t recollect what’s her genuine name. The episode closes with Sejal being befuddled about her bad dreams.

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