Bade Acche Lagte Hain-2 24th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update :-

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 24th September 2021 Episode starts with Ram looking for Priya. Shashi calls Mahender and scolds him. He says you won’t get anything now, I asked you to break this marriage, sit at home now. Rakhi says I have to do something now. Meera says Priya is coming in another taxi, she will come.

Ram compliments Mama ji. He says take care of Mami, there should be no drama today. Mama says make Mami ji get drinks, then she will be out, no drama. Ram asks him to have drinks. Twinkle waits for Priya. Sara calls her. Twinkle says Priya didn’t come till now, say something. Priya comes home. Twinkle says she has come.

Priya says my work is done. Twinkle says take care of your look. Priya says mum wanted me to wear this, she didn’t tell me. She wears the necklace. Twinkle asks how did you get ready to wear this. Priya says so that they don’t think that I sold this.

Rakhi says two hours are much time. Raj brings his friends home. Sid says its a good place. Mahender asks what are they doing here. Rakhi says its okay. He asks what do you want to do. Sid asks Raj to order pizza and beer. Rakhi says I had instigated Neeraj that day. Mahender smiles. She says wait for an hour,

Sid will be drunk, then Sangeet will have fun, we have to befriend Kapoors, forget the old boss, this sangeet night will be the worst night of Ram and Priya’s lives. Priya comes to the function. Meera says you have worn this necklace, I m so happy. Ram sees Priya and thinks what to do to make her smile. He goes and greets her. Shivi compliments Priya. She says you both are matching, how cute.

Akki says my sister always look the best. Ram thinks I have to make Priya smile. He says I want to talk to you. Priya says I thought you came to praise me, its okay. He says I can praise you if you want, you should keep laughing, everyone should laugh, if we laugh, then Shivi will get a smile. Brinda says you both look cute together. Priya says thanks, Brinda gifted me this dress. Ram says yes, Brinda gifted me this suit.

He introduces his friends. Brinda says Priya already knows each other, these four are best friends, because they are mad. Shivi sees Akki. Shubham asks why are you seeing Priya, you like Akki or Priya. Shivi says shut up, Akki won’t talk to me until Priya gets happy, I asked Ram to make her smile. Shubham asks does she smile, where is your smile, I can adjust with your Sasural, Arunita and Pawandeep are coming, its a surprise for you. She says its mind blowing idea, I will ask them to help me convince Akki.

Sandy says Ram and Priya’s jodi looks hot, right. Neeraj gets angry. Sandy greets Nandini and asks how do I look. She asks why is everyone asking Mami ji not to do any drama today. Ram says I want to talk to you. Shubham comes and calls Ram. Ram goes.

Sara jokes on Priya getting a new sister Brinda. Brinda asks is everything fine. Sara says I will see you on the dance floor. Priya comes to the room. She says Ram loves his family a lot, but he isn’t there in any family pic. Neeraj comes there.

She says I m waiting for Ram, we have to talk in private, please go. He says stop this idea, how long will you lie to yourself and everyone, that you forgot me, I know you still love me. Neetu sees them and thinks they are so dramatic. She records them. Priya says don’t embarrass me and my sisters. He says I know you just look at me, you still love me. She says yes, I still love you. Neetu gets a call and goes.

Priya says happy now, you want to hear this, did you feel good, sorry, I don’t love you, don’t try to talk to me, if my sister gets hurt, then it won’t be good, go to her. He leaves. She goes to change her shoes. Ram sees her leaving. He says what will I do. Shivi messages him. She gets Sid’s message. She says I will make you more jealous. Sara gets upset with Priya. The singers come on the stage. Pawandeep and Arunita sing Bhangda taa sajda…. Akki and Shivi dance. Ram’s friends also go and dance on the stage.

Neetu gets the video to show to Mama ji. Sandy sees this and drops her phone. Neetu picks the phone and goes. Sandy thinks Priya can never tell this, Mami made a video of her. She goes to tell Maitri what Neeraj did. Maitri asks what. Brinda says guy’s family will show how sangeet happens. Maitri asks why did Neeraj do this. Sandy says Mami has made a video, you have to help me now, please.

Maitri says fine, I will help you. Sandy says I heard that Mami gets full out when she gets drunk. Meera asks Neeraj are you fine. He says yes, but is Priya happy. Ram hears them. Neeraj says she can do a drama, she didn’t forget me, she cried for months when I… why are you getting her married, there is nothing between them. Priya says Neeraj always does something, he always gets forgiven for everything.

Meera says forget it, everyone moved on. Neeraj says who moved on, look at Priya, she is with her best friend, where is Ram, I m fine, Maitri is happy with me. Ram thinks Priya’s old choice is cheap, I have to do something to make him quiet, Priya deserves a smile.

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