Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th December 2021 Written Update:

Toward the start of the episode, Gagan calls Aditi and she inquires as to whether he is fine. She feels awful on the grounds that yesterday he was dealt with gravely by her family. Gagan tells her that it was not her issue. Then, at that point, Aditi lets him know how Aarav went out yesterday. Gagan comprehends that for this reason Simar’s marriage readiness is being done in a rush.

Aditi is stunned to hear this and requests that he stop Simar’s marriage at the soonest.
Here Simar is seeing her wedding card. She considers how she will give this card to Aarav. All at once Aarav comes there and takes the card from her hand. Simar feels that she is envisioning things. However, Aarav dissipates this fantasy and says that he won’t permit her to wed Samar. Simar doesn’t really accept that that Aarav is remaining before her. Aarav illuminates her that he has come here going out and tears the wedding card.

He embraces Simar. Then, at that point, he asks her where is her sack. Simar can’t comprehend the reason why he is asking this. Aarav begins pressing her things. Simar asks Aarav for what reason is he pressing her gear. Aarav says that he has come here for herself and needs to remove her. Simar is stunned to hear this. Then again, Samar gives the wedding card to Yamini.
He says that he will be glad assuming she comes to his wedding.

Yamini attempts to persuade him that Aarav and Simar love each other definitely and that he ought not interfere with them. Here, Simar asks Aarav on what premise she ought to go with him. Aarav takes out the mangalsutra from his pocket and inquires as to whether she will wed him once more. Hearing this, Simar gets tears in her eyes and answers yes.

Aarav gets cheerful. Simar lets Aarav know that she can’t avoid him as she will kick the bucket assuming he disappears from her. She asks him not to at any point move away from her away. Saying this she embraces him. Samar lets Yamini know that his heart is broken ordinarily yet this time he won’t let his deplorability. He adds that everybody is content with his marriage and Simar has picked him as well.

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Yamini says that Aarav and Simar’s spirit is one and nobody can isolate them. Here Indu requests that Simar come ground floor. Simar answers yes. As she is leaving the room, Aarav asks her where she is going. Simar gets confounded hearing him. Aarav tells her that they will flee and get hitched. Simar is stunned and says that she can’t flee.

Aarav says that they don’t have a lot of time so they need to follow this way. In any case, Simar denies. Aarav says that he can’t live without her so they need to leave now. Simar discloses to him that she also can’t live without him however the way he is taking is off-base. Reema comes towards Simar’s room and requests that she open the entryway. Simar requests that Aarav leave from that point. In any case, he doesn’t pay attention to her.

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