Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th November 2021 Written Story:

The scene starts with Samar uncovering his sweetheart Nisha to Simar and tells her that she is letting him know that he can’t get what is partition. He tells her that he would rather not visit the spots he had chatted with Nisha, with his hand he ought to have put sindoor in her mind yet he had organized her burial service. He said that essentially she can contact and chat with Aarav however he doesnt have her with him for eternity. Simar says sorry to him however he halted her and says that he doesnt need anyones sympathy and he doesnt give his sympathies to other people.

He says that he puts stock in continuing on with the future, he recommends exactly the same thing to Simar as well. He tells her that essentially she has her folks yet his folks likewise kicked the bucket. He gets some information about her folks, Simar sits on the seat Samar ties his tissue on her hurt leg. He gives her telephone to Simar and requests that he call Aarav now and shut down this and start a fresh start, he goes from that point.

Geetanjali Devi is watching the karwachaudh video of Aarav and Simar, she hears Aaravs vehicle sound. At the point when she proceeds to see Aarav emerging from his vehicle harmed and falling before it, Geetanjali Devi yells his name and calls Oswals, Sandhya and Vivaan comes and assist Aarav with coming inside the house. Reema is trusting that the show will begin yet when she didnt hear anything she goes to Badi Ma and ask her for what reason didnt chasten Aarav. Geetanjali Devi becomes angry and chastens Reema that she is just keen on breaking Oswal house and she definitely needs to administer the house so she needs the key.

Be that as it may, Geetanjali Devi tosses the keys before her and request that she get them however in this manner she can just fulfill herself yet can’t get regard from the family. Geetanjali Devi requests that she eliminate poisons from her mind and think for the family and furthermore request that she focus on Simar wedding. She then, at that point, requests that Reema get her keys and keep them in her room.

The specialist comes and gives emergency treatment to Aarav however he is as yet requesting that Vivaan call Simar then Sandhya requests that the specialist give him a resting infusion so he can quiet down and rest. Aarav gets the specialist and lets him know that he told him not to give him the infusion. Geetanjali Devi comes, Aarav apologize to her and says that he doesnt need to hurt them, she says that she isn’t furious with him he then, at that point, nods off yet continues mumbling.

Sandhya demands Badi Ma to allow Aarav to remain in Aarav and not Oswal for quite a while. She additionally tells her that he is breaking into pieces and can’t deal with himself. In any case, Geetanjali Devi says that she had seen him letting him be presently he wants just family, assuming they will remain with him he will be reinforced. She lets Sandhya know that she is his Badi Ma and not a mother so she will consistently think preferred for him over his mom. Vivaan stops them and lets them know that Aarav bhai requirements to rest gis condition isn’t great.

Simar sits and thinks in her room about Aarav. The following morning Samar awakens her, she yells at him as she gets terrified. He brings breakfast for her she says that she plans breakfast for everybody then she eats. He shows her that all her family eating on the table, she is cheerful. Samar tells her that he is a craftsman he thinks for everybody before himself. Simar giggles however at that point she begins crying, he supports her and says that Aarav isn’t a kid he can deal with himself and presently she should continue on. Sandhya comes to Aarav and says that now he should quit doing every one of these.

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