Sasural Simar Ka 2 18th March 2022 Written Update:

Sasural Simar Ka 2 18th March 2022 Written Update: Toward the start of the episode Yamini comes to Simar and says that she shouldn’t think a lot. Since the more she figures she will get found out in the predicament. Samar says that and Simar likewise needs fill in as she needs to get her sibling out of prison. Simar says how can he have any familiarity with this. Samar says that he had a genuine bond with her family so he needs to help them.

Simar expresses gratitude toward him and adds that she can’t take his assistance. Samar says that he feels that she is battling with her loved ones. He inquires as to whether she is still Oswal. Simar becomes furious and says that she is facing a conflict against lies. What’s more, regardless of whether she is Oswal, she will constantly cherish Aarav. Saying this she leaves from that point. Yamini explains to Samar why he didn’t stop her.

He says that he can’t stop Simar as he doesn’t reserve the privilege to do as such. In any case, soon Simar will come to him as he has an agreement. Simar calls Aarav and needs to let him know everything. However, he can’t hear her voice. Aarav advises her to get back home and after that they will talk. Here Reema asks Divesh for what reason is he disturbing her. He advises her that she had attempted to kill him yet left behind all the proof.

He shows her some photographs of her. Seeing whom Reema gets stunned. She irately says that she won’t allow him to demolish her life. Divesh says that she can’t hurt him. All of a sudden Simar comes there and is paralyzed to see them. Reema says that Divesh is attempting to trap her. Divesh tells that his profession got demolished on account of Reema and Vivaan and presently he needs them to get back his lost acclaim.

Simar inquires as to whether he is compromising them. He says OK and adds that on the off chance that they don’t stand by listening to him then he will make Reema’s photographs viral. Simar becomes irate and tells that young ladies can’t satisfy their fantasies as a result of young men like him. She says that assuming he attempts to do something wrong to Reema, she won’t leave him and he will lament his slip-up.

Reema gets passionate hearing this. She holds Simar’s hand. Divesh says that he didn’t come to get payback from them however Oswal family has constrained him to do this. Simar says that he is lying. Divesh swears that anything he is doing, Chitra gave him five lakh rupees to do this. Simar gets stunned hearing this. Divesh says that Raj is with Chitra as well. Simar says Chitra can’t do this. He likewise tells her that Aarav’s mishap was additionally finished by Chitra.

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