Sasural Simar Ka 2 15th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Sandhya gives blessings to Simar and goes inside with Aditi. Simar thanked Mata Rani, but Geetanjali Devi is furious that these matter is within their home and their people why outsiders are involved in these matter. Aarav, Vivaan and Simar are shocked to hear this. Geetanjali Devi goes and tell to Simar that she is an outsider then why she is so much involved in our house matters. Geetanjali Devi scolds her that how dare she opened the Gathbandhan of Aditi and Mohit, with whom permission. She also tells her that she is responsible that all her family is in problem, Geetanjali Devi calls Simar poision.

Aarav tries to stop Badi Ma, she scolds him and tells him that how he was standing silent from that time he should stand like that only. She tells to Aarav that what she said befor that if once again Simar will make mistake then what action she will take? Aarav says that Simar will leave the house. Geetanjali Devi thanked that atleat Aarav remembers this. She gives Simar 24hrs time and ask her to pack her bag and leave Oswal Mansion.

Geetanjali Devi tells to Aarav that think that he is paying for his mother. As Sandhya will stay and Simar have to leave. She tells that Sandhya is our pride, our love and respect. While Simar is a lie and fraud for this family. Geetanjali Devi leaves with Griraj and Gajender. Chitra is happy, while Aarav is helpless.

Aarav runs and goes to request Badi Ma that how suddenly she can take this decision against Simar, he says that she still have 6 days left. Badi Ma tells him that accidents happens and they happen suddenly only. She tells him that how Simar takes decisions suddenly, how she gave lecture to Badi Ma suddenly the same way she also took her decision suddenly. She ask them do any one have problem with my decision. Badi Ma then ask her helper to bring sand timer and keep it in the middle of the hall. Badi Ma tells to Simar that her countdown has begun, by the end of 24hrs she have to leave the house without telling anyone. Sandhya tries to go to help Simar but Aditi stops her as Geetanjali Devi is very angry.

Guptaji and Ranaji both are conspiring against Oswal’s. Gupta ji informs Ranaji that the weakest person whom we can involve in our team is Griraj Oswal. Ranaji is happy to know the secret, Guptaji tells him that Griraj hates his mother. Mohit says that he will lit the spark between them to create trouble. Gajender ask Geetanjali Devi that why all of a sudden she asked Simar to leave the house, Geetanjali Devi warned him to control his emotions. She also scolded Griraj for interfering their conversation.

Vivaan and Aditi tells Simar to not to go. Simar tells them that now her time is over and she will leave, she donot want to give any more trouble to Badi Ma. She saisd that her time is over now and she have to leave. She ask Vivaan to take care of Aarav but Vivaan said that he cannot take care of him without Bhabhi. She made Vivaan promise her to take care of Aarav, Vivaan ask her to keep their friendship.

Rea gets angry when she see Vivaan and Simar together. Reema shouts at Vivaan that he is feeling bad for Simar. Vivaan calls her fake and lier. Reema says that she is not instead Simar is fake that’s why she have to leave the house and not her. Vivaan gives her an envelope and tells her to open when she opens it is divorce papers. Reema ask Vivaan that he wants to divorce her.

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