Sanjog Written update 23rd August 2022:

Sanjog Written update 23rd August 2022 on

Alok giving Amrita God’s deity, while the last option gets happy and shows her appreciation towards him. She wishes to get favored with a child soon, while around then Rajeshwari comes there and states that they need a kid in their home at the earliest opportunity.

She insults Amrita and afterward gives her an admonition that in the event that she neglects to give a main successor to Rajeev in the span of one year, she will not have the option to make due there. Amrita and Alok gets stunned with her advance notice, while the last option disappears from that point.

Amrita gets weepy eyes, yet conceals her aggravation from her sibling and guarantees that all that will get fine. She expresses that when she gets pregnant, Rajeshwari will likewise begins spoiling her. Amrita shows her certainty on Rajeev and broadcasts that he will constantly be there to help her.

She then, at that point, takes Alok alongside her and feeds him her high quality halwa, he feels a debt of gratitude. Though, Gauri and Gopal alongside their family surges out of the farmhouse to save themselves from getting found out.

Gopal states that in light of their child they are in a tough situation, entire Gauri guarantees that they will effortlessly move away from that point. While, the watchmen attempts to get them yet they absconds. Yet again gauri pivots to take a gander at the house and dreams about becoming rich, while Gopal hauls her away from that point.

Sanjay request that Amrita come in front of an audience and demands her to say a couple of words regarding Rajeev and her romantic tale. She falters while he demands her and afterward brings Rajeev additionally there. He proposes them to take a gander at each other while admitting their affection.

Amrita delays however at that point communicates her adoration for Rajeev and says that she is honored to have him. Amrita gives a heart-contacting discourse, while Rajeev likewise communicates about his affection for her. Amrita tells that even following 7 years of their marriage, then, at that point, love is as yet unblemished. She advise that they knew one another from 10 years and shows her confidence on their bond. In the mean time, Ranjini gets chafed seeing her and taunts about Amrita.

Ahead, Rajeev and Amrita moves alongside each other and the last option recalls how she met Rajeev without precedent for their office. She reviews that she used to work with him and at last they experiences passionate feelings. Rajeev proposes her and she acknowledges it, she gets glimmers of their blissful minutes and recollects their big day. In the interim, around then Rakshita interferes with them and removes Rajeev from that point.

Gauri decides to satisfy her fantasy and talk about it with Gopal and her mother by marriage. The last option attempts to cause her to comprehend that it is unimaginable for them to get that multitude of extravagances, however she expresses that everybody is equivalent and broadcasts to think of her own destiny. She sees Amrita’s image and expresses that one day she will be in her place.

Further, Rakshita draws near to Rajeev and begins kissing him. She advises him to inform Amrita about their relationship and announces that she can’t see him any longer with Amrita. He attempts to cause her to comprehend that he will uncover reality to his better half soon, however the last option requests him to tell it at the earliest opportunity.

Around then Amrita comes there, while Rajeev and Rakshita behaves like they were examining about business. Amrita announces that Rajeev will constantly be her and traps their hand. She then, at that point, takes him down the stairs to meet visitors.

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