Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th July 2022 Written Update:

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Surya takes Suhani to her room. He gives prescriptions to her. He requests that she take rest. Suhani requests that he leave her since he knows reality now. He asks her that how might he leave her when she is his mom. He says that he realizes that she never dealt with him like her child however she is his mom since starting. He adds that Suhani attempted to kill Gehna and Urmila.

He tells her that he never accepted Gehna and today Gehna leaving him and he can do nothing to stop her. Be that as it may, he won’t leave her. He tells her that she lost everything and he additionally lost everything. He advises her that they got back at Gehna and presently life getting back at them. He says that she is his mom still and he leaves the room. She wipes her tears and snickers. Then, at that point, she begins crying. She says that Surya ought to leave her as well.

Agastya’s folks brings gifts for Seth family. Gehna likes the saree which Agastya chose for her. She asks him that what else he brought for her. He shows studs to her. She lets him know that she cherished it. Urmila converses with Agastya’s folks about ceremonies. Surya sees everything. Urmila lets Surya know that she believe he and Suhani should go to Gehna’s marriage. Surya leaves from that point without saying anything.

The police shows up at Seth chateau. Sikandar says that he called them. He gives a record to Police investigator. He says that now is the right time to get his discipline for the violations he did. He tells Police auditor that he did everything and Arjun is guiltless. Sarika expresses gratitude toward him. Suhani feels lightheaded. Sikandar lets Gehna know that he fouled up with her and he don’t merit her pardoning. He requests that she deal with Kartick and Shreya. Suhani asks him that won’t he embrace her. He tells her that she flopped as a mother. He goes out with police. Suhani cries saying that Sikandar will be rebuffed for her slip-ups.

Shreya tells Gehna that God grabbed everything from her. Gehna lets her that it’s great that know that Sikandar need to change. Shreya tells her that Sikandar will return as a decent spouse and great dad. She inquires as to whether it is important for her to wed Agastya. Gehna gestures at her and leaves from that point.

Suhani awakens around midnight and she daydreams her loved ones. She requests that they return to her. She comes to the real world and she attempts to slit her wrist. Be that as it may, Gehna stops her. She tells her that she won’t let her pass on without any problem. She moves her to win everybody’s trust once more. Following day, Gehna requests that her family return to Suhani’s side. She advises them that today is Suhani’s birthday. She uncovers that Suhani attempted to commit suicide yesterday.

Precap – Surya advises Gehna that he need to converse with her alone. She lets him know that he is her ex so she can’t converse with him alone.

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