Rishton Ka Manjha 31st December 2021 Written Update:

Diya cries around and says would someone say someone is there? Tina if it’s not too much trouble, let me out. Kindly don’t destroy our lives. She says I need to go to Arjun. Where am I? She cries. Diya says I won’t allow you to succeed Tina. If it’s not too much trouble, show me a way God. If it’s not too much trouble.

Arjun strolls plastered out and about. He wedded Diya. He prepared Diya and Diya saying to Madhuri she will lose the competition. Arjun says I would even prefer not to see your face. I can’t acknowledge you in my life. Diya says he should be in such a lot of agony. He accomplished such a great deal for my fantasies. He had such countless expectations from this match. He should be broken. Diya cries and says I won’t release you into that obscurity once more. I need to leave. She cries.

Dadi sees the chaotic room and all food left finished. Depika says since the time she returned would she say she is acting bizarre? She never preferred eating in room and see this? Dadi says this is her world. she has sold out Arjun. He was so stung. She broke his trust. I was unable to see his condition. She’s answerable for it. I won’t ever pardon her. Diya says who is rubbishing here? Allow me to rest.

Amitabh says interestingly I want to say thanks to Diya for how she helped this family. Madhuri says she did everything for me. Amitabh says save her from Arjun’s annoyance. Madhuri says she abandoned her fantasies. I feel like I’ve committed an error. I shouldn’t have constrained Arjun away from badminton. It has broken him more. Their marriage is going to break. Amitabh says it’s better for him to disappear from badminton.

We have endured so much beacuse of this game. I truly want to believe that he quiets down. In the event that Diya chooses to take off from this house don’t stop her. Madhuri expresses what? He says their marriage depended on badminton. Why of this marriage then, at that point? They should begin their new lives. Arjun has disappeared from badminton due to her. In the event that he found past our business.. I mean this house would be destroyed. He should avoid badminton. Madhuri expresses what did she mean.

Depika expresses what tone would you say you are talking ready? Wouldn’t you be able to see dadi? Diya says sorry. I was unable to rest for seven days. My flat mates, I needed to battle with them constantly so I slipped my tongue in the rest. I cried significantly later what happened today. She says dadi excuse me. Dadi says you don’t merit any acquittal. Depika is additionally irate. Diya says bhabhi I did everything for Arjun. Depika says in view of you Arjun returned to that obscurity. For what reason did you give him bogus expectations? For what reason did you grab his life? I generally upheld you however I won’t today. They hear somebody saying come in pandit ji.

Arjun has called pandit ji. He says where is bahu? Amitabh expresses what’s going on here? Arjun says did you give a gift to your DIL for losing? Give her a costly saree and bring her first floor. Something was left, it needs to occur here. Diya comes there. Arjun says our cherished DIL is here. Come here. All of you look so great together, glad and wonderful family. Business is cheerful, demads are glad, DIL is glad.

I’m a loner in this family. I’m the only one not cheerful. I’m a stain on this family. Right Mr. Agarwal? I’ve no trust left any longer. So I am finishing all relations with this family. I will do my shrap today.

Diya shouts for help. She hears the hooligan talking outside on the call. Diya makes commotion and says let me go. I will give my life assuming you don’t release me. You will be in prison for your entire life. He expresses what’s happening with you? Diya says I will kick the bucket and you will be condemned. Release me or I will commit suicide. The hooligan calls Tina and says Diya is saying she will commit suicide. The hooligan says on the off chance that anything happens to her we will be in a tough situation. Diya hits her head on the column. It drains a bit. Tina says she’s tricking you. He says no she’s hitting her head. We will be in a tough situation. Tina says keep one man out and you go in. He says I am distant from everyone else here. Tina says I am coming there. Try not to open the entryway.

Arjun says OK, how about we start here. Depika expresses what’s happening with you? dadi says if this what you will do to your dadi? Amitabh says to pandit ji go from here. He’s not in his detects. Arjun says I am in my faculties. Diya says I can cross any breaking point for myself and Arjun. she swoons. Arjun puts his photograph on the table. Pihu says he’s so insane.

Pihu says if it’s not too much trouble, excuse me Arjun. If it’s not too much trouble. Arjun says I’ve seen your world. Try not to do these show. Madhuri says assuming you do this, you will see my dead face.

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