Rishton Ka Manjha 29th December 2021 Written Update:

Arjun continues to drink. Kush says stop it please. Arjun says this is the main way. Arjun says two days prior you were unable to endure her Mr Agarwal and presently you’re guarding her. Presently you will continue to get enormous agreements. Madhuri says we should talk tomorrow. You’re tipsy. He says I can see everything. She sold out me. She eliminated every one of the obstacles from his way.

One con artist would uphold one more obviously. He says see everybody is content with you. Madhuri says it’s a match imagine a scenario in which she lost. Kush says sit and converse with her. Arjun says I realize I can’t walk and I am inebriated. Yet, I can see plainly.

This isn’t anything. At the point when I saw her playing the match I was unable to feel land underneath my feet. The young lady I represented, she deceived me. She said she will play for myself and herself. She will deliver retribution of foul play happened to me. You said you will get me out of the medication case. What did you get? What do you need? Cash? You sold yourself for all of this.

Pihu says that is not reality. Arjun says shut up. Kush says she lost, it was not her day. For what reason are you accusing her. Dadi says she played. Arjun says the person who plays and loses is greater than the person who wins. He’s a contender. Be that as it may, this young lady is neither a player or warrior. She’s a dramatization. There’s green behind this blameless face.

I was unable to trust either yet she did an arrangement to lose this match. Pihu says in heart how is he going to deal with me? Depika expresses your meaning could be a little more obvious. Arjun says she made an arrangement she will remove me from badminton by losing. For what reason did you say you will battle with Arjun? Pihu says I attempted. For what reason could I lie? Arjun yells don’t lie.

Madhuri says she’s your significant other. Amitabh says he knows no restrictions. Take him to his room Kush. Arjun says I am in faculties who is mine and who’s not I can peruse the appearances in this house. I’m morals and I am straightforward not normal for your DIL. She’s harmful. SHe’s a snake.

Tina calls Niharika and says Diya probably won right? Niharika syas no she lost. Arjun is doing large dramatization. Arjun says all of you should think for what reason am I saying this huge amount of regarding dadi and maa’s beloved DIL? You realize what am I going to discuss maa. Niharika video calls Tina. She shows her. Arjun plays the video. Arjun says you did this arrangement maa? She said she attempted my foot. She got sold. She attempted however to be a decent DIL. For this young lady, I battled everybody in the house. Lets end this badminton point.

I got hitched for badminton. I thought like me you live for badminton. You’re battling for your folks and your energy. However, you are amazingly narrow minded. See your DIL has left badminton. Glad maa? Make her your DIL. Give her cash, gold and everything. I’ve no connection with her any longer. Mahduri says Arjun.. Arjun says our connection depended on badminton and it’s over at this point. You can leave or remain here. You are the DIL fo this house. We aren’t anything now. Pihu says don’t say this Arjun. Pihu says listen please.

Arjun breaks the rackets. He consumes it. Everybody attempts to quiet him down. Pihu expresses consider the possibility that he consumes me also. Arjun says you took 7 adjusts and said I am your sky however this sky will be all dull at this point. I’m taking every one of my guarantees back. He holds her hand adn takes adjusts backward. Madhuri says stop it Arjun. He says it’s finished.

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