Rishton Ka Manjha 18th March 2022 Written Update:

Rishton Ka Manjha 18th March 2022 Written Update: The episode begins with Madhuri saying she will go to meet Diya to realize what is the issue. Why she went out? Dipika says Diya isn’t sharing anything so they need to ask her. Diya advises Ajit to give medication to Bablu on schedule. Bablu advises her to leave without addressing.

Diya says she needs to change Bablu’s garments and Ajit doesnt let her do as such. She requests that Ajit free Bablu as she wouldn’t play match. Ajit says he just pays attention to Karan. She tells Bablu not to lose trust. She will free him. Bablu says the two of them will instruct example to Ajit. Ajit attempts to slap him yet Diya stops him saying she will break his hands on the off chance that he contacts Bablu. Ajit advises her to get out.

Kavita checks Diya appropriately to check whether she concealed any camera. Karan says he isn’t unreasonably awful so he permitted Diya to meet Bablu. Diya demands him to free Bablu as she would not play the coordinate with Arjun. Karan says not that without any problem. His primary objective is preventing Arjun from playing the match. Diya says Arjun will play the match without her. Karan can’t stop him. Karan says he won’t free Bablu and Diya will return to Agarwal Mansion to prevent Arjun from playing the match. Diya says she can’t hurt Arjun more. She argues Karan to not make her awful before Arjun. Badminton is Arjun’s fantasy. Karan says then she needs to forget either Bablu or she can supplant him with her dad. Diya snatches Karan’s collar and cautions him yet Kavita sent her away. Karan says Diya will follow his orders in the wake of going to the house. Diya feels defenseless.

Madhuri and Dipika meet Meera and get some information about Bablu and Diya. Meera says Diya will return, she is on the lookout and Bablu went for educational cost. Diya returns and says she will return back tomorrow. Madhuri asks her for what reason the last option came here without illuminating them. She was not in any event, accepting their calls. What is wrong and why she looks pushed. Diya says she was worried for her mom and she was unable to get the calls as her telephone was on quiet mode. Dipika asks her then for what valid reason she would not play coordinate with Arjun. Madhuri says she roused Arjun to play the match why she is easing off. Diya redirects the theme saying they have drink tea. Madhuri says she is miserable in light of the fact that Diya hurt Arjun. She needs to clear the questions now.

Arjun finishes his accomplice Abantika for the match. Kush comes and requests that he converse with Diya once as she can’t do this. Arjun says he conversed with her multiple times. However, she isn’t prepared to play the match. So he got his another accomplice. Kush says it’s unrealistic for him to dominate the game without Diya as he will return. Consider the possibility that Abantika is planted by Karan who will utilize her against Arjun. Arjun says he will converse with Diya once more. In any case, he is certain she will won’t play. Kush says Madhuri and Dipika went to meet her. They will persuade her.

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