Rajjo Written Update 11th October 2022:

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Episode begins with Arjun asking Rajjo the explanation for her demonstration. Rajjo reviews a FB. Rajjo spots Urvashi with her father in the transport stand. She stows away and hears their discussion. She is stunned to find Urvashi’s craftiness. Urvashi gives her a neckband that Madhu gave her to her father to reimburse his obligation.

Urvashi says that she caught Arjun for his cash. She will take Arjun to America after their wedding. She says that she will change with him assuming he reimburses her folks’ obligation and moves all the property and cash to her name, else she will get Arjun captured on the charge of abusive behavior at home, which is seriously rebuffed there.

She further says that she will coercion Arjun’s family to move all their property to her as a trade-off for Arjun. Her father inquires as to whether Urvashi can do this as she adores him. Urvashi says that she needs to get back at Arjun for embarrassing her by pursuing Rajjo.

She has for what seems like forever to demolish Arjun’s life and pursues her retribution. The FB closes. Arjun requests that Rajjo let him know what she needs to say. Arjun’s family scold Rajjo and decline to accept whatever she will say. To everybody’s shock, Arjun solicitations to chat with Rajjo in private.

Arjun hauls Rajjo to his room. He asks what occurred. He inquires as to whether Vicky or his companions undermined her or his mother. He says that he comprehends her and she can’t break her commitment without having any impulse. He requests that she let him know that.

Rajjo reviews a FB. Rajjo tells Manorama about Urvashi’s arrangement and needs to go and to caution Arjun. Manorama stops Rajjo and says that the Rajputs will have a hard time believing her and will affront her as they’re poor. Manorama says that she has encountered this. She asks Rajjo not to go there.

Notwithstanding, Rajjo is certain that Arjun will trust her. She runs from that point to meet Arjun. The FB closes. Rajjo says that she has come here by her desire. She tells Arjun that she heard Urvashi’s discussion with her father. She says that Urvashi is wedding Arjun for his cash and property.

She will make him dance to her music subsequent to going to America. She further says that assuming he rejects, she will send him to imprison for abusive behavior at home. Rajjo likewise says that she gave her neckband to her father. She says that Urvashi is all around as malevolent as Vicky.

Arjun doesn’t really accept that Rajjo and attacks Rajjo for criticizing Urvashi. He says that Urvashi is superior to Rajjo in all things and requests that she stay inside her cutoff points. Rajjo reviews her mother’s words about rich individuals never trusting destitute individuals. Arjun scolds Rajjo and won’t pardon her for what she did. Arjun leaves. Rajjo cries. She will not surrender and promises to uncover Urvashi.

Madhu asks Arjun what he has chosen. Arjun says that Rajjo will leave now and until the end of time. Chirag needs to understand what in all actuality. Arjun says that the fact of the matter is Rajjo’s discussions are silly. Rajjo requests that Arjun check the accessory that Urvashi is wearing. She says that it’s a copy and requests to really look at it for the wellbeing of she. Urvashi won’t make it happen. Arjun requests that Urvashi give him her jewelry. Madhu chastens Arjun for believing Rajjo, who is a liar. Arjun tells her anything that Rajjo enlightened him regarding Urvashi’s arrangement. Urvashi is stunned and considers how Rajjo took in her arrangement.

Precap: Manorama meets with a mishap. Manorama asks Rajjo not to surrender prior to kicking the bucket. Arjun laments confiding in Rajjo. Arjun gives her a check. Rajjo tears the check and requests that he make an arrangement with her.

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