RadhaKrishn 22nd-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Saambh disguises himself as a woman and says he has to cross all the limits to win over his father. Krishna takes Radha to a garden and says there are flowers of whole universe here. She asks if he came to show flowers. He says they will collect flowers and create their symbol in air.

They pick Ganesh, Devi Gauri, Mahadev, Krishna, and Radha’s favorite flowers. Radha decorates Krishna with all the flowers and he does same to her. They both hug each other. The amalgamation of all flower perfumes creates an unique perfume in air which whole Dwarka experiences. Radha says this smell as a symbol of their love will be in the air forever. Krishna says there is still something missing.

In Dwarka, rishi Durvasa solves citizens’ problems. Balram orders guards to catch a suspicious woman and asks Anirudh to find out Saambh as he is the one who is conspiring as a woman. Saambh enters venue as a woman. Mahadev hopes he stops or else he will be the reason of his self-destroyal and even Dwarka’s.

Balram walks to Laxmana and questions about Saamb. Laxmana denies to know Saambh’s location. Balram sees makeup items and questions her. She says she got ready go visit sabha. He walks away suspecting her.

RadhaKrishn 21st-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Krishna asks Radha to close her eyes and takes her on sky. She asks why did he bring her here. He says this sky is lonely, but accompanies them wherever they go. He continues his justification. They both then spread their symbol of love in sky. He then says they spread their love in all 5 elements of life, earth, water, air, fire, and sky. Radha says she is ready to die peacefully now. Krishna now they should return to sabha as something unusual will happen there.

Back in Dwarka, Saambh tries to enter sabha wearing veil. Balram stops her and insists to see her face. She resists. He insists and is about to unveil her when Krishna stops him and says let the women go. Balram says he is trying to catch a woman who tricked rishis. Krishna says let things happen on their own and permits women to go in without security check.

Saambh walks away thinking Krishna carved a path for his own death. Balram says he doubts Saambh went in disguised as a woman and he is the one who troubled rishi. Krishna says nobody can escape their deeds and let Saambh also face his deeds. At sabha, Saambh requests rishis to bless her have a child. Rishi Bhrigu blesses him. Saambh thinks now he can provoke Durvasa to curse Krishna and says they are all fake rishis.

Precap :Durvasa curses Sam to bear a child like a woman.

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