RadhaKrishn 20th-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Radha informs Krishna that yagna arrangements are made. Krishna says he is worried about something else. Rishi Durvasa says his rishis haven’t reached yet and its getting late for yagna. Krishna says they must be on the way. Sam disguised as a woman tricks rishis and finds out they are going to Dwarka to perform yagna. He thinks of delaying their yagna and sends them in a wrong way.

Radha asks Durvasa to start yagna. Durvasa says without other rishis’ presence, yagna would be incomplete. Krishna sends soldiers to bring rishis.

Guru Shukracharya scolds Sam for doing more than he ordered and instead of just finding Rishi’s intentions, he misguided them. He then orders to find out Durvasa’s intention. Sam return to Dwarka and sees Durvasa keeping a holed pot under water and saying yagna muhurat will end once this pot fills.

RadhaKrishn 19th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Rishis continue to walk and realize a woman fooled them. Durvasa walks away noticing pot about to fill, yagna fire setting off, and muhurat ending. Dwarka citizens also try to leave seeing yagna fire setting off. Radha asks Krishna to do something. Krishna says they should mark their evidence on fire now. He freezes time and tells Radha that they should enlighten yagna fire with their love.

He reminds her about their toddler days and with his magic sets on yagna fire again. He then unfreezes time. Sam and citizens are amazed to see yagna fire again. Durvasa returns followed by rishis who inform that a woman misguided them on the way. Durvasa warns whoever tried to stop yagna will be punished. He starts yagna with other rishis.

Sam returns to Shukracharya who thinks why Durvasa poured kheer on Krishha. He pours kheer on Sam and realizes his feet soles are still dry, then realizes that Durvasa created a shield for Krishna but they can still kill Krishna via his soles.

Durvasa finishes yagna. Krishna thanks him and requests rishis to stay back for a few days and accept his hospitality. They agree. Shukracharya asks Sam to return to Dwarka disguised as woman again and mislead people. Sam denies. Shukracharya assures to protect him and thinks he can sacrifice Krishna’s son to end Krishna.

Precap :Krishna stops Radha when she takes food for rishis. Sam disguised as Radha serves stale fruits to rishis and hopes they will curse Dwarka.

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