RadhaKrishn 18th November 2022 Written Update:

RadhaKrishn 18th November 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Radha requests that her companions let her feed kheer to Krishna. Krishna says let them feed him and says kheer feels so scrumptious from their hands. Radha feels desirous and figures she will show them something new soon. She strolls to Yashoda and serves her. Yashoda favors her to be content generally and may god satisfy everything she could ever hope for. Radha thinks she needs to wed Krishna this time and forever shift to Yashoda’s home.

Akroor fears Kans’ rage when Kans discovers that Krishna killed Bakasur. Sovereigns Asthi and Prapti get back from their parental home. Asthi tells Kans has gone for hunting and asks she needs to know how Bakasur killed Krishna.

Akroor uncovers that Krishna killed Bakasur all things considered. Prapti gets blissful hearing that and says she heard Krishna is an extremely solid man. Asthi lashes out on her and cautions her to quit lauding her significant other’s adversary. She says she will proceed to illuminate Kans about Bakasur’s passing and request him to kill Krishna as she could do without lost lords. Akroor demands her to let him proceed to give this news to Kans. Asthi concurs.

Radha sees ashta sakhis/8 companions strolling towards Krishna’s home and asks justification for visiting Krishna early morning Astha sakhis illuminate that they are going on an outing and Krishna vowed to walk holding the most attractive Astha sakhis’ hand.

Radha figures she will go holding Krishna’s hand and says she will play out their cosmetics. Astha sakhis concur. Krishna meets Balram after a meaningful discussion demands him to welcome Mahadev for a festival.

Akroor meets Kans and illuminates him about Bakasur’s passing. Radha performs Astha sakhis’ cosmetics. Krishna returns and stands paralyzed seeing their cosmetics. Astha sakhis remind him about their outing. Krishna says they can go later. Radha demands to take them at the present time. Astha sakhis ask who look delightful among them. Krishna says Radha.

Precap: Radha advises Krishna that she has tracked down an answer for quiet down everybody and plans Radha Krishna’s raas/dance.

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