Radha Mohan Written Update 23rd September 2022:

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Episode starts with Radha escapes from Thugs. Hooligans pursues Radha. Mohan imagines that he felt like he saw Radha. He picks Shekhar’s call and discovers that Radha has not found at this point. Then again, Kadambari requests that Gungun not cry.

Gungun advises her that she needs to go to Radha. Kadambari tells her that Radha will return. Tulsi’s soul keeps Radha’s duppta on Gungun’s lab. Gungun embraces the duppata. Kadambari expresses gratitude toward Tulsi’s soul to her. She feels that she realizes Tulsi’s soul is there. Kadambari tells Gungun that God won’t allow anything to happen to Radha. Tulsi’s soul requests that God safeguard Radha.

Thug calls Damini and he illuminates her that Radha got away. Damini reprimands him. He asks her that what he ought to do. She advises him to kill Radha. She cautions him to not commit any error and separates the call. She says that Radha needs to pass on. Mohan lets himself know that he will track down Radha regardless of anything.

Damini gets stunned seeing Radha in the house. Radha chokes her before everybody. She tells her that she realizes that the last option is behind everything. Damini attempts to talk yet Radha didn’t allow her to talk. Radha tells her that she realizes the last option carried Hriday to this house. She says that today Damini sent hooligans to kill her.

Kadambari inquires as to whether Radha coming clean. Radha comes clean with Kadambari that she is telling. Everybody requests that Damini say something and it ends up being Damini’s fantasy. Cop illuminates Damini that his group tracked down the character of the hijackers. He requests that they not go outside without illuminating him.

Radha stows away from thugs. She sees Mohan’s vehicle. She shouts Mohan’s name. Thugs sees Radha. Mohan turns his vehicle. Thugs hauls Radha from that point. Mohan shouts Radha’s name. He faults himself for all that and leaves from that point. Hooligan lets Radha know that he will show a thing or two to her. They places her in the van and leaves from that point.

Gungun remains before God. She advises God to shield Radha from criminals. Ketki tells Kadambari that Gungun could turn out to be sick on the off chance that it proceeded. Kadambari tells her that she is additionally stressed over Gungun’s wellbeing. Kaveri reminds Damini that the last option going to Gungun’s mom.

Damini tells Gungun that Radha will return. Gungun requests that she remain silent. She says that she realize Damini don’t believe Radha should return. She says that she will not eat anything and stand like this until Radha returns.

Damini goes inside to pick a call. She commends thug for getting Radha. Kadambari comes there. She inquires as to whether the last option is behind Radha’s hijack. Damini admonishes her for questioning her. Kadambari requests that she not speak loudly. She tells her to not fail to remember that who is she.

She says that she won’t extra Damini in the event that she got to realize that Damini is behind Radha’s abduct. She leaves from that point. In the interim, Mohan battles with cop. Cop chastens him for his indiscretion. He accepts Radha as Mohan’s better half. Mohan reviews that how he didn’t permit Radha go into the house. He faults himself for Radha’s abduct.

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