Radha Mohan 19th November 2022 Written Update:

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Episode starts with Radha gets stunned seeing Pratap outside the emergency clinic. She reviews that how he tormented her. Pratap feels that she comes wherever to destroy his arrangement and goes inside the clinic. Radha asks Safety officer to stop Pratap saying that he is a lawbreaker.

Safety officer reproves her. Radha sees Kadambari and calls her. Kadambari ponders that why Radha is doing show still. She moves towards her. Kaveri stops her idiom that Radha is abhorrent shadow. She takes her from that point. Safety officer drives Radha away.

Damini puts a kiss on Mohan’s temple. She imagines that now nobody can isolate her from Mohan. Maha Pandit ji gets some information about anything. He says that it’s Kadambari’s liability to safeguard Mohan so she is making the best decision and leaves from that point.

Ketki calls Kadambari and she gets some information about Mohan’s marriage. Kadambari tells her that she is doing this for the good of Mohan. Ketki requests that she not take wrong choice in hustle. She says that it very well may be Damini’s arrangement. Kadambari requests that she avoid the marriage in the event that the last option isn’t good with this choice then, at that point.

Radha sees gathering entering the clinic and she attempts to enter with them. She quits seeing Kaveri close to the door. Kaveri tells her that she realize the last option will return. She takes the stick from Safety officer and she beat Radha up. She says that this time she will beat her more. She adds that she will darken her face like last time. Radha holds the stick. She comprehends that Kaveri beat her up close to the sanctuary. She asks her that for what good reason the last option got it done. Kaveri pushes her. She cautions Safety officer to not allow Radha to enter the emergency clinic and heads inside. Safety officer shouts at Radha.

Tulsi’s soul requests that Rahul stop the marriage in light of the fact that Damini don’t have the right to turn into his sister by marriage. She locks the entryway. Rahul thumps the entryway. Dulari attempts to open the entryway however Ketki stops her. Rahul requests that Ketki open the entryway. Ketki orders Dulari to not open the entryway. Dulari lets Ketki know that there is a phantom in the house since they didn’t lock the entryway.

Kaveri tells Kadambari that Damini looking wonderful in lady of the hour look. She says that they don’t realize Mohan will get by or not still Damini is prepared to wed Mohan in light of the fact that Damini love Mohan to such an extent. Vishwanath lets Kadambari know that she is a decent mother to Mohan so she can take choice for Mohan’s life. Kadambari says that Damini and Mohan’s marriage will happen now.

Radha says such Mohan’s reality in peril because of Pratap. She calls Ajeet. Damini grabs Ajeet’s telephone from him. Radha ponders that how Pratap realizes that Mohan is in this emergency clinic. She says that she needs to stop the marriage first. She figures out how to enter the medical clinic.

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