Radha Mohan 13th August 2022 Written Update:

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Mohan strolls over to the well holding the wooden entryway over his head, he figures out how to hold it with the goal that the well doesnot get wet seeing which Radha begins grinning seeing what Mohan will really do to save his girl.

Kaveri pushes Damini who questions what is she doing when Kaveri asks what kind of an issue has she made for them since, in such a case that Gungun endures then it would mean the demise of them both, Damini answers that she knows it however Kaveri answers at whatever point they attempt to take care of a little issues it prompts a significantly more issue so she doesnot know what to do, she makes sense of that on the off chance that Gungun is brou8ght out of the well she would come clean with Mohan about Hriday who might cut their throats like the Bhagwan Mohan.

Damini demands her to stop as she can’t suspect as expected, Kaveri answers that it is better she should not think since it prompts more issues, Hriday is the consequence of her reasoning so what was the need to bring that Hriday as she might have brought anybody from the road and, surprisingly, the Dumbro would have gotten the job done, Damini answers there was a need to bring somebody who might continuously acknowledge their orders yet Kaveri makes sense of Hriday is as yet not standing by listening to them and making them what he feels like, Damini asks how should have she perceived it since they were simply so upset.

Mohan is holding the entryway when Kadambari makes reference to he has taken the position of a praiseworthy dad to save his little girl, Mr Trivedi specifies their child has as a matter of fact become very much like the Gridhari to save Gungun from the downpour, Mohan begins to lose his equilibrium when Mr Trivedi hurries to hold the entryway seeing which he is feeling better however at that point even Rahul comes to his guide holding the entryway on the opposite side.

Kaveri requests that Damini comprehend how she should not ponder wedding Mohan, Damini asks what is she talking about when Kaveri answers she implies they ought to get hitched to the individual whom they know about yet paying attention to what Damini is talking about she feels Damini doesnot understand what he would do to save Gungun as he is holding the way to save her and could do it until the cows come home to save her, he has proactively lost Tulsi and wouldn’t allow history to rehash the same thing by likewise losing his girl, as fathers are a legend for their girl yet Mohan ahs become a superhuman and she should not fail to

remember he isn’t the only one yet has Radha to remain next to him, as the cops confused them both with the guardians so how might they not think about it since she has not left the opening since they found Gungun fell inside it. At the point when Radha begins crying then Mohan quiets her down and it is the same strategy for getting around, so she feels the two of them have begun to adore one another, regardless of whether Gungun isn’t saved after this episode however at that point the two of them would meet up. Damini requests that she remain silent else guaranteeing she could never allow it to work out.

Hriday is remaining with his mom considering how could he get such a lot of solidarity as he isn’t in any event, allowing Gungun to bite the dust in harmony, Lata shouts she si stressed thinking how he will manage him after Gungun is saved.

Hriday asks Lata where is she taking him when she makes sense of that on the off chance that Gungun comes out alive, they would pass on however it is better assuming they leave at the present time, Hriday requests that she not stress since she can’t emerge from the drag well. Hriday illuminates that there is a phantom in the house hearing which she gets staggered however at that point begins snickering shouting he is messed with her, Hriday answers there is really an apparition in the house as all that Damini and Kaveri told them is clearly false, she gets some information about it when he uncovers that he heard Kadambari chatting with the apparition and she requested that she toss the container if she doesnot have some familiarity with the whereabouts of Gungun, he likewise saw that somebody tossed the pot before it fell on Radha.

Lata makes sense of that the young lady which is in the well has a phantom to safeguard her, Hriday inquires as to whether she at any point believed that at whatever point they need to converse with them then remove them from the house, Lata begins grinning so shouts both the mother and girl think they are truly shrewd, Hriday answers the two of them would need to pay for what they have done as he will take twofold sum from Damini for this falsehood.

Gungun illuminates Radha the water has quit coming, Radha illuminates her that her dad is holding the entryway to keep the water from falling the well, her Dadi was on the whole correct to say the dads are the security for their youngsters, she takes a gander at Mohan with deference and love filled in her eyes.

Kaveri enters the spot with Damini who acknowledges that anything her mom was saying is valid, nobody can isolate Radha and Mohan from one another, the two of them are bound to be together. Kaveri asks what is she talking about when Damini answers she perceived how the two of them met up to save Gungun and on the off chance that they figure out she is the one behind everything, he would clearly wed Radha, Kaveri demands her to quiet down yet she questions how might she do it when she after an extended period of time at long last contemplated wedding him, she was certain it would work out yet presently everything is demolished.

Damini in a mess makes sense of how they should proceed to uncover the whole truth to Mohan faulting Hriday for being the one behind everything, Kaveri inquires as to whether she feels that Hriday would remain silent as he is likewise going to uncover the whole truth after which Mohan would kill them as he promised while tracking down Gungun.

Kaveri makes reference to half of her life and strength has been gone in matching their Kundali, she is the one to wed Mohan. Damini asks how might it happen when Kaveri makes sense of they should accomplish something after which they wouldn’t get the fault and even, she weds Mohan, Kaveri makes sense of she is the one to bring Hriday into this house and she should accomplish something that would make him assume the fault for everything after which Mohan might do anything he feels want to him.

Hriday strolls over to them applauding makes sense of the two of them have been attempting to eliminate every one of the stones from their way however they are attempting to double-cross them, Lata makes sense of they game which the two of them are playing, they are now the expert of such games, she trains Hriday who shows the messages which Damini sent including the installments and before she can erase them, they have made a screen effort.

Kaveri begins grinning making sense of the two of them are in the same boat and she was simply kidding, Hriday answers he realizes she is the person who if doesnot have the keys to her girl’s storage would likewise toss her in a lake, he teaches them to leave since the game has finished so the two of them leave, Hriday commitments to show them who is the expert.

Gungun indeed tells that the water is coming, they all begin to ponder from where is the water going when Ketki illuminates it is moving from the side, they all get strained asking for what reason is it not halting, Radha sooner or later is truly strained figuring how might they stop it, she is truly stressed.

Precap: Mohan tosses a rope for Gungun and says get the finish of the rope. Hriday tells his mother, he nearly saved Gungun, he sees a live wire above and plans to give them shock. Hriday cuts the wire. Radha pushes Mohan and saves him, yet she gets caught beneath the wire.

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