Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 6th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins with Dhana ji saying everybody got a here to affront me. Malhar says you are mixed up, we as a whole regard you a great deal. Ahilya says we can in any case utilize this data. He says fine, Tukoji and you discover reality and succeed, we will talk when Ahilya and Tukoji get some new information.

He says Ahilya, I truly want to believe that you will come. Malhar goes to his room. He figures who can accomplish this work, it must be some individual at a major position. He reviews Dhana ji. He thinks for what reason am I thinking about this, this can demolish the family harmony. Ahilya says Praja got outrage on me, Malhar and Holkar family, I need to end it some way or another, who would it be able to be. She likewise considers Dhana ji. She says is this valid.

Dhana ji stays stressed. He drinks. He says before Malhar and Ahilya make a stride against me, I need to accomplish something. Its morning, Malhar and Ahilya ask in the sanctuary. He says I m simply considering one name since yesterday. She says this is going on with me additionally, it will be better that we stay silent until we get a proof.

He asks how might we discover, we need to end the quietness, Praja is demon for myself and furthermore family. She says you don’t come ahead in this, Tukoji and I will come to you with confirmations, till then keep a similar conduct like nothing occurred. He says I trust you a great deal since you keep the response prepared with the inquiry, I realize you will deal with this,

in any case, would you be able to accomplish this work this time, you have a few limitations forced on you, you’re not free, I would rather not let anything know that ruins the family harmony. She says I will make an honest effort to keep your trust, I will tackle this enigma with Tukoji’s assistance. He favors her and says you are a valuable gift for me, presently I don’t have anything to petition God for. She grins.

Dhana ji asks will I head inside, what will I do now. He stresses. He figures its great to return, Ahilya and Malhar would contemplate me, Gunu ji isn’t here, I will likewise leave Malwa, no… what befell my brain, assuming that I go, then, at that point, I will go under doubt, I will accomplish something, I will remain here and battle this issue, I can’t leave this enormous position and regard without any problem. He comes inside the royal residence. Ahilya and Malhar talk. They see Dhana ji.

She goes. Dhana ji says whatever happened yesterday, Yamaji told the name D prior to passing on, did you think its me. Malhar asks did I let you know anything. Dhana ji says no. Malhar asks how could you imagine this. Dhana ji acclaims himself. He says I m guiltless, I m your Samdhi, I needed to converse with you before you question me.

Malhar says relations aren’t demon than obligation, you are a devil individual of my Darbar, you have numerous obligation, you let Tukoji know that there are many names with D, you know me, I don’t question anybody without a proof, don’t think wrong. He goes. Dhana ji grins. He goes to the Darbar and converses with everybody. He gives his viewpoint. Malhar asks Tukoji his perspective. Tukoji says I need to let you know all, Ahilya let me know something very similar.

Dhana ji says there is no compelling reason to contend on that, it will invest in some opportunity to do this. Gangoba says I regard Ahilya’s thoughts, yet she didn’t give us any arrangement, so I concur with Dhana ji, we need to begin the improvements immediately. Malhar says we need to think well and utilize the assets, yet we need to make investment funds.

He says I will be prepared to assault the Rewda stream state, I will go on this mission, Tukoji will be the priest. Dhana ji figures its great Tukoji will get going, he will not get time to examine about me, I will deal with Ahilya. Ahilya actually takes a look at the things in the kitchen. Gautama says Malhar is going on a mission. Dwarka tells the subtleties. Gautama says Tukoji is the Senapati. Rakma says I m cheerful. Gautama contends with Ahilya.

Precap :Ahilya gets some information about Tukoji. Rakma says he won’t uphold you. Dwarka says every one of the issues will get addressed assuming you give the high position to Gunu ji.

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