Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 5th April 2022 Written Update:

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 5th April 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com Episode begins with Ahilya requesting that the gatekeepers dig the ground. They get the resources. The woman stresses. Ahilya sees some truck proceeding to stop them. Jagirdar takes cover behind the truck and runs. Ahilya requests that he come out and give up. The woman requests that she stop the watchmen, she will get reviled.

The gatekeeper says we can’t drive them, they are going for a noble cause. Ahilya says they are making an honest effort to get saved, they don’t have the foggiest idea about that even I m a girl of a cow raiser. She makes sound and makes the cows take off.

Jagirdar takes off. She sees him and requests that he pause and give up. He runs into the wilderness. He gets drained. He tumbles down. Ahilya comes there and sees him. He gets up and gets her. He requests that the watchmen get up. Monitor shoots a bolt at him. He falls dead. She says I wish you gave up to us.

Dwarka comes to Khanderao and Gautama. She gets Parvati’s family there. She says you don’t ned to say anything, I comprehend everything, Ahilya could do without your regard, for what reason do you stress then, at that point. Khanderao asks what are you both talking, tell me, for what reason did you call me. Dwarka says everybody is here,

let him know transparently about it. Gautama says I have taken a choice. Ahilya says you should deal with the courses of action here. The gatekeeper leaves. Ahilya is miserable. Sarja inquires as to for what reason are you not cheerful. Ahilya says I have turned into a justification behind an individual’s passing. Sarja says Jagirdar was an off-base individual, you fail to remember this and simply recollect that Khanderao and your child is coming, you need to give the uplifting news to him. Ahilya says it will be the most joyful second.

Khanderao comes to his room. He reviews Gautama requesting that he get hitched to Parvati. He says I m cheerful, I have a spouse, how might you think this. Gawde asks is everything fine, does he have any whine.

Dwarka says no, he will regard his mum’s words. Khanderao reviews Ahilya. He says I have generally acknowledged your order, since I aimlessly trust you, its your desire. They all grin that he concurred. He leaves. FB closes. Parvati welcomes Gautama and takes her gifts. FB closes. Khanderao harms himself. Gautama comes and stops him. Ahilya is coming back to the castle. She sees a small child.

She sends a few desserts for him. She sees a man really focusing on his pregnant spouse. She grins. Gautama says I realize you are miserable and alone. Khanderao says you are mixed up, regardless of whether I m not cheerful, does this man that I get another person in her place, I can never envision anybody in her place. Gunu ji asks what,

Ahilya got all the verification, did Jagirdar take my name prior to biting the dust. The man says no, he didn’t get sufficient opportunity. Gunu ji says fine, go, on the off chance that Ahilya has all the verification, she will be demonstrated right, I can’t lose Khanderao’s trust at any expense.

Precap :Ahilya gets stunned seeing Gautama tolerating Parvati as Khanderao’s subsequent spouse.

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