Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 18th March 2022 Written Update:

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 18th March 2022 Written Update: Episode begins with Gautama furiously admonishing everybody. Dwarka requests that she have water and accompanied her. Gautama says I can’t come, I need to see the work here. Dwarka requests that she come. Gunu ji says I wish Ahilya was affected by your decency.

Khanderao furiously takes the beverage. Dwarka says I comprehend you well, Khanderao is as of now stressed for you, what will he go through seeing you like this. Gautama says I m not ready to think. Dwarka says Ahilya won’t comprehend, on the off chance that you need Khanderao to remain blissful, observe an option for Ahilya, I mean another person who can have her spot in his life, he will be cheerful assuming he has somebody to help him, he wants a subsequent spouse.

Khanderao says I can’t do this, everybody misconstrues me when I substantiated myself right, in the event that I drink, they will think I m never right. Gunu ji says fine, I won’t drive you. Khanderao says I will deal with it, you don’t have to stress. Gunuji embraces him. He says I will supplicate that every one of your concerns end, I can’t see you stressed. Khanderao leaves.

Khanderao returns home. He meets Ahilya. He says have the opportunity to suffer the consequence, for what reason did you come here. She sees the food plate. She says I was sitting tight for my significant other. He says you come as Malwa treasure watch for the most part. She requests that he comprehend how her better half and Malwa affects her, every one of the relations are devil.

She says Malhar has given me this obligation, you would get it. She stops him and asks did he drink. She gets the smell from his garments. She asks how might you do this, you had guaranteed me, I never figured you will deny it. He says pay attention to me, this is your concern, you are now prepared to discredit me, I didn’t drink even a drop, in any event, when you have harmed me and offended me.

He says I recall the guarantee made to you, drink fell on me and you thought I m a liar, you have prevented expecting goodness from me, you think I m wrong. Gautama reviews Dwarka’s words. She sees her change self saying you realize the amount it harms when a spouse gets a subsequent wife, for what reason would you like to give a similar aggravation to Ahilya, Khanderao has no defenselessness to remarry, why.

Ahilya says I m sorry. Malhar comes there. He hears Khanderao and Ahilya contending. Khanderao says you have given work to ladies in the material creation yet my foundation has made the locals apathetic right. She requests that he take a brief trip and see the residents. He says rules change with time, it ought to work out, will you show me, tell me, when you got Renu remarried, was there any such rule, that a widow can remarry.

He says you did what you observed right, for what reason do you show every one of the principles to me. Malhar says its no utilization to converse with Khanderao now. Ahilya says I can reply and clear your misconception, quiet down, would we be able to fail to remember these inconveniences for quite a while, would we be able to remain here as a couple. She embraces him and cries. Gautama says I can’t do this. Malhar comes and says I need to converse with you about Khanderao, I m much stressed.

Khanderao makes Ahilya away and says this is unimaginable now, relations aren’t kept by comfort. Ahilya asks how will I respond, tell me. He says you are my significant other, everything comes from that point onward, tell me would you be able to do this, would you be able to give me the need in your life. She cries and reviews Malhar’s words. Khanderao says I found the solution from your quiet.

Precap :Ahilya asks how could you come. The man says Khanderao has called me here. Khanderao suffers the consequence. Gangoba says I think he got the sum by selling his ring.

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