Parineetii 28th May 2022 Written Update:

Parineetii 28th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Parineet let Rajeev know that she is fortunate to get a mindful spouse like him who saved many lives. She leaves saying thanks to him. Neeti opens the entryway and gets astonished seeing Vikram. Vikram tells her he brought the medication for her head injury. He tells her he will leave yet She demands him coming inside. He concurs. She requests that he get ready two teas letting him know she doesn’t make great tea. He concurs. Vikram reviews his Mom words and requests that Neeti show her fiancee photographs. Neeti concurs. She sees portable photographs are bad and she goes to bring a photograph edge of them. Vikram thinks Neeti is right in her direction so she can’t be off-base.

Parineet lets Parminder know that she will get ready prasad for pooja. Parminder concurs and gets some information about Rajeev. Pari tells he went to his work. She inquires as to whether they welcome her Mom as well. Parminder advises it’s not union with welcome everybody. She leaves. Pari inquires as to whether she tells anything wrong. Chandrika says these individuals could do without me as I brought no endowment. Pari requests that she not feel as such. Chandrika requests that Pari call her sister. Pari concurs and requests that she show the pooja mandir as she needs to say thanks to God for giving her sister. Chandrika embraces her telling her she at long last has somebody in the house alongside Amit. Simi sees them and thinks they are plotting against her.

Neeti requests that Vikram see the photograph. Vikram denies it and explains to her why he asked it. Neeti requests that he not stress telling Sanju us great. She requests that he see the photograph once. He is going to see it yet a call from Gurpreet stops him and he leaves from that point. Rajeev shocks Neeti. She takes him inside.

Chandrika takes Parineet to the mandir. Parineet lights the Diya and petitions God for Rajeev’s prosperity and their relationship. Neeti advises Sanju that her companion needs to meet him and he recently left and on the off chance that I realize you’re coming, I might make you meet one another. She inquires as to why he looks strained. He tells her he understood that life is short a result of the bank burglary episode and he inquires as to whether she needs to live with him forever. Neeti lets him know she needs to let him know something similar. He requests that she shut her eyes. He sits kneeling down and proposes to her to wed him in 4 days.

Neeti says it’s so early. He tells her he is standing by to begin another part with her. Neeti consents to wed him. He kisses her hand. Pari feels stressed when the light passes over. Rajeev lets Neeti know the amount she means a lot to him. Parineet falls on the floor. Neeti lets Rajeev know that her companion generally needs awesome for herself and she gets him with her requests. Rajeev says you need the best for her excessively right and it implies you all need to share me. Neeti looks on.

Precap – Neeti lets him know she won’t take things from others she lets him know that he is enough for her. Pari imparts her concern to Chandrika.

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