Parineetii 14th May 2022 Written Update:

Parineetii 14th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Shubam requesting that Neeti share her concern with her companion. Neeti said thanks to Shubham for dropping her off on time. She lets him know that she will not get harmony until she causes some unacceptable individuals to get discipline. She remembers to impart her concern to Parineet. Rajeev leaves let Parineet know that he will actually look at Monty. Parineet grins seeing snapshots of a couple infront of her. Parineet takes a pen yet one Little young lady takes pen from her. Rajeev thinks he is caught with his proposition. Monty asks him what occurred. Rajeev says Parineet is conversing with me in adoration however I love Neeti who’s free. Neeti calls Parineet however she gets inaccessible.

Young lady requests that Parineet assist her granny with finishing up the structure as her hand is shaking. Parineet concurs and fills the structure for that old woman. Old woman expresses gratitude toward her for her assistance. Parineet requests that Watchman assist the old woman with opening her record rapidly. Guardian requests that she take old woman to the third floor through the steps. The old woman requests that Parineet take her. Parineet concurs. The old woman sees her girl and sends her with Parineet.

Rajeev says Neeti sent me an affection image interestingly yet this Parineet demolished it for myself as well as my horoscope might coordinate with Parineet however we are the inverse. Parineet comes there and lets Aunty know that it’s her better half’s voice. Aunt requests that she hear his words to know his opinion on her. Parineet says he is great with her. Aunt requests that she utilize the open door. Rajeev says I battled for her the entire evening and I realize I’m caught when I find she consented to wed Rakesh for me.

Woman hears Rajeev’s voice and thinks he abhors this young lady yet this young lady thinks he adores her to such an extent. Beeji lets Parineet know that she has detecting power as she is poojari of Kaali maa and she detected a terrible energy. She requests that she distrust her significant other as he is multiplied confronted and not trustable. Pari says their marriage occurred in an odd manner. Monty sees Parineet and requests that Rajeev conceal. Rajeev tells he needs Pari to such an extent as he cherishes her.

Woman goes infront of Rajeev. Rajeev inquires as to whether he knows her. She tells she knows him. She holds his hand. She gets an awful energy and leaves from that point in pressure. Parineet pursues her. She feels blissful reviewing Rajeev’s words. Parineet inquires as to whether she is fine. Beeji tells now you may not figure out my words however your better half isn’t the person who looks so have no faith in him and on the off chance that you have any issue throughout everyday life, come to Kaali Mandir in area 2. She detects something wrong going to occur in the bank. She requests that Parineet leave. Hooligans make the individual who gets them oblivious. Parineet denies leaving telling her nothing occurred. Woman leaves telling her that she will comprehend with experience.

Precap – Robbers commandeer the bank and kill individuals who are attempting to run. Parineet feels terrified.

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