Parineetii 11th May 2022 Written Update:

Parineetii 11th May 2022 Written Update on

The following day, Parineet apologizes to Rajeev for her last evening’s way of behaving. He tells her that she is right in her place. She is going to tumble down yet he holds her. Pari lets him know that she realizes that he upholds her at whatever point she really wanted. She lets him know that she adores him to such an extent as he saved his dad’s regard. Rajeev out of frustration uncovers to her that he only wedded her for land. He requests that she get lost from his place. Parminder comes there and asks what’s going on. Parineet hops from the window. Rajeev yells her name. Which ends up being his fantasy. He sees Parineet is in his arms. Chandrika calls them out telling Parineet’s mother came to meet her.

Parineet emerges. She feels blissful gathering her Mom, Vikram, and Mandeep. Parminder invites them. Monty and Rajeev take gifts of Gurpreet. Amit meets them as well. Parminder sends Parineet to get tidbits and tea. Rajeev goes aside to go to the call. Gurpreet gives desserts to Parminder. Parminder requests that Chandrika take them. Chandrika uncovers to her that Parminder will not eat neighborhood desserts. Parminder sends her to get snacks. Gurpreet requests that Parminder pardon her girl assuming she did any off-base. Gurpreet sends him to get the sack. Neeti inquires as to whether all is well. He tells her that all is well. Neeti asks when he is intending to make her meet with his loved ones. He tells her it requires some investment. Neeti lets him know fine. He plays with her.

Neeti sees Pari call and lets him know that she will call him later. He inquires as to whether she got a call from the carriers. Neeti says no and it’s a significant call and disengages the call. He figures who can mean a lot to Neeti more than him. Vikram brings the sack. Parminder requests that he wed soon as his sister got hitched. Simi comes there. Chandrika taunts Simi for being unmarried. Simi taunts her. Parminder sends them and lets them know it’s nokh jokh if Nanand and Bhabhi. Vikram tells something fell in his eyes. Amit sends him to clean his eyes. Gurpreet handovers Jewelry boxes to Parminder which Jaswant arranged for Parineet.

Monty sees Rajeev and asks him what occurred. Rajeev lets him know Neeti detached his call getting somebody call and Neeti is free, not normal for Parineet. Monty requests that he talk gradually and Parineet loves you more than Neeti as Neeti disengaged your call. Rajeev closes him. Parineet requests that Chandrika sit with everybody and she plans Pakodi. Chandrika says she is so great.

Monty says Neeti might be concealing mysteries like you’re stowing away from her so get to be aware from Neeti who’s that notable individual and take her telephone to know her privileged insights. Neeti calls Pari and gets some information about her Sasural. Pari requests that she come to meet her Mom. Neeti requests that she send her location. Parineet concurs and tells her that she will send subsequent to asking Rajeev.

Precap – Neeti receives irate seeing the message. Rajeev vents his disappointment at Parineet.

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