Pandya Store 4th November 2022 Written Update:

Pandya Store 4th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Suman reprimanding Gautam and Dhara for needing to send Shiva and Raavi to Goa and consenting to get the got gems for Rishita. She requests that they leave. Dhara leaves. Gautam rubs Suman’s feet and says that Dhara has hardly any insight into Shiva and Raavi’s Goa plan as it was his and Dev’s arrangement.

Suman won’t really accept that him and says that he is misleading cover his significant other. Gautam guarantees her not and attempts to persuade her about sending Shiva and Raavi to Goa by expressing it’s to clear their disparities. Yet, Suman disagrees and requests that he leave. Gautam leaves.

Shweta is organizing the desserts in the crate. She recollects how she spent her keep going Diwali out and about starving. She becomes close to home. She won’t be found experiencing the same thing once more not entirely settled to get cash.

Krish thinks that she is crying and asks what occurred. Shweta says that she reviewed her past Diwali that she spent in the city subsequent to being deserted by Deven. She ate the desserts that were tossed and squashed by somebody’s foot. Krish guarantees Shweta that will not reoccur. He takes the Diya and leaves.

The Pandyas women are shading the Rangoli. Dhara signs to Suman that Rishita is vexed. Krish is attempting to fix the lights, checking Shweta out. He envisions Shweta assisting him and offering an eye to locking. Shiva brings Krish out his creative mind. He comprehends that he succumbed to Shweta.

A few men get boxes inside. Suman asks what this is. Dev furiously says that Gautam has no other choice than burn through cash after the battle occurred in the off. He reproves Rishita for being resolute about needing just the adornments.

Suman and Dhara talk through signals. Dhara shouts to Rishita and shows her a gems box. She opens it. There are bangles for chutki. Rishita grins at seeing the bangles, while Shweta is stunned. Gautam tells Dev that Rishita got persuaded.

He takes the siblings outside to finish the house. Gautam tells Krish that he can converse with them and offer assuming he is any issue. Krish guarantees him that there’s no issue. Shiva says that he is keeping a nearby watch on him.

Rishita embraces Dhara, becoming profound and says thanks to her. Rishita says that she doesn’t need this, which confounds everybody. She says that Dhara satisfied her longing, so that is enough for her. She doesn’t need this. Yet, Dhara requests that she keep them. Shweta feels that Dhara addressed just issue, yet another issue isn’t tackled. She checks Raavi out. Dhara and Shweta go to embellish the sanctuary in the house.

Rishita requests that Suman make Chutki wear the bangles after the puja. Suman chides Rishita for continuously needing to take off from the house in any battles. Rishita becomes miserable. Suman sees this and says fine that she will make them wear chutki. Suman requests that Rishita guarantee never to discuss going out. Rishita concurs. She embraces Suman and says,” I love you”. Suman expresses Raavi to ask her supervisor for the Diwali reward.

Shweta shares with Dhara that they ought to send Shiva and Raavi to Goa. Dhara tells Shweta not to discuss that theme. Yet, Shweta demands and says that their relationship could break on the off chance that they don’t act soon, which shocks Dhara. In the interim, Rishita and Dev prepare for the Diwali puja. Dev gets a gift for Rishita. However, the last option just needs Goa tickets as a gift. Here, Dhara says that Shiva and Raavi’s relationship won’t ever break, as Shiva won’t ever abandon Raavi. She says that they sent them on a Goa trip later with the cash from their Pandya store.

Shweta says that it very well may be past the point of no return and attempts to persuade Dhara to utilize Chiku’s asset to purchase Goa tickets. Yet, Dhara immovably denies. Dev persuades Rishita and requests that she open the gift. Rishita opens it and finds a shirt on which Goa and Dev-Rishita-Chutki photographs are printed. Rishita grumbles that he is inciting her. Dev denies and says that he guarantees her to take her to Goa. Here, Shweta says that she’s talking regarding advancing cash. She controls Dhara to utilize Chiku’s assets to get the tickets. Dhara says that this advancing thought isn’t terrible.

Krish hears this and denies it. He says that they will send Shiva and Raavi to utilize their store’s cash. He adds that Shiva and Raavi will not consent to it. Shweta says that letting them know the wellspring of money is excessive. Dhara consents to Shweta’s thought and requests that she book tickets for Shiva and Raavi. Shweta sneers and figures that she will alarm her folks when the exchange is made, so they realize how Chiku’s cash is squandered.

Precap: Pandyas and Shweta’s folks are accumulated to observe Diwali. A messenger kid conveys Shiva and Raavi’s Goa tickets. Dhara says that she purchased these tickets with Chiku’s cash. Shweta’s father says that Chiku’s cash ought to be spent exclusively on Chiku. Pandyas look stunned.

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