Pandya Store 30th November 2022 Written Update:

Pandya Store 30th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Rishita blaming Shweta for killing Dhara. Shweta says that she didn’t kill her. She has quite recently come. Outside, Gautam acclaims Dhara’s acting abilities and says that she oversaw everything alone. Dev questions that something is off-base, since the two hooligans who took off said that the work was finished. Gautam says that Dhara is equipped for dealing with four thugs alone. He needs to go to check assuming that he actually questions. Dev and Krish stop him and persuade him to camouflage as a cop.

Inside the house, Rishita considers how Dhara oversaw everything alone, how there is a ton of phony blood as she had just a little container of phony blood with her. All at once, Dev and Krish show up. They claim to be stunned to see Dhara in a pool of blood. Krish asks who killed Dhara. Rishita tells Krish to ask Shweta who has the blade. Rishita asks Shweta for what valid reason she killed Dhara.

Krish says that Shweta killed Dhara for Chiku’s cash. Shweta says that she didn’t kill her. Dev says that she has the blade, so she’s the killer. Shweta is stunned to hear this and understands that she is holding the blade. She tosses it. Rishita says that tossing the blade won’t change the reality. She requests that Dev call the police. Shweta says how she will realize that Dhara will go into the house after Suman leaves. Rishita feels that she will get found out assuming she says anything.

There, Raavi is considering what’s going on in Pandya’s home. She trusts that she will likewise be liberated from every one of the claims once Shweta is uncovered and she can get back. She says that she needs to forfeit her self confidence in the event that she returns there, as Shiva questions her. She feels that it’s better she doesn’t return there.

Rishita requests that Dev call the police. Shweta denies killing Dhara and blames the Pandyas for doing show to trap her. Rishita requests that Shweta make Dhara alive assuming that is the situation. Shweta goes to Dhara. She lifts Dhara’s head and requests that she awaken by saying that she realizes that they are acting. Dhara doesn’t move.

Shweta drops Dhara’s head, stunning everybody. Rishita chastens Shweta and requests that she give regard to Dhara’s body. Krish acclaims Dhara’s acting abilities to Dev. Shweta expresses that there is a method for affirming on the off chance that Dhara is truly dead. She says her pulse. She attempts to hear assuming that her heart is as yet pulsating by putting her ear on Dhara’s chest. Pandyas are terrified of getting found out. Rishita redirects Shweta by calling Gautam and professing to converse with the police. Shweta grabs the telephone from Rishita and says that she didn’t kill anybody and they are attempting to trap her.

In the mean time, Krish inquires as to whether she didn’t get injured in the head. He requests that she inhale as Shweta isn’t close. He ends up being stressed as Dhara isn’t answering. He requests that Dhara give any clue that she is fine. Dev requests that Krish talk gradually else Shweta will hear him. Shweta questions that Rishita didn’t actually call the police. Rishita is terrified that Shweta is frightened that Shweta will find that she has called Gautam, not the police. All at once, they hear police alarms sounds. Gautam shows up there camouflaged as a cop named Abhimanyu Singh. Dev, Rishita and Krish are intrigued with Gautam’s entrance.

Gautam analyzes Dhara’s body and asks who saw the body first. Rishita says that she saw the body first and blames Shweta for killing Dhara. She says that the blade has Shweta’s fingerprints. Gautam gathers the blade in a plastic cover. Gautam tells Shweta that he will send this blade to the measurable lab and afterward he will conclude who the killer is. Shweta cries and denies killing Dhara. She blames the Pandyas for outlining her. Krish inquires as to why they would approach her. He says that Shweta has the justification for killing Dhara. She has motivation to kill Dhara. She is generally disapproving of Dhara as she is Chiku’s caretaker. Gautam requests that Shweta prepare to go to prison. Shweta is stunned to hear this.

Precap: Shweta telephones her mother and says that Dhara got killed and the Pandyas are accusing her. She requests that her mother save her. Rishita shares with Gautam that Shweta’s folks’ appearance isn’t a piece of their arrangement and assuming they show up, their arrangement of causing Shweta to admit reality will come up short. Suman and Shiva get back. They meet Shweta’s folks outside the house. They are stunned when they tell that Dhara was killed and the police have come.

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