Pandya Store 16th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Suman saying that if Dish doesn’t become Mandavi, she will feel bad and then she will also feel bad. Dhara says that Disha doesn’t know about Ram Leela. Suman says that Ram Leela happens in whole India, so she should know. Dhara drags Rishita and asks if she knows about Ramayana. She says that she knows a little bit. Suman asks if Raavi has done PH.D on this. Raavi says that Prafulla narrated Ramayana.

Suman laughs and asks her a question about Ramayana and Raavi doesn’t know. Dhara tries to tell her the answer, but Raavi doesn’t see Dhara. Rishita whispers to whatsapp Raavi the answer. Dhara does so. Finally Raavi gives the correct answer. Krish suggests to make Disha sit in the audience so that she can know in what type of family she’s entering. Dhara and Gautam threaten him. Suman says that Ram Leela will happen in Somnath, but in Pandya family style.

Prafulla says to Anita that Suman said that her family will play Ram Leela and says that she thinks Prafulla Pandya will fail to do and she will mock them. Anita gets happy saying that Gautam will become Ram and Dhara can’t become Sita as she’s not well, so she will become Sita. Prafulla scolds Anita and asks her to sit at home and helps her with household works. Anita shows her nail polished nails. Prafulla leaves.

Rishita gets happy that she got the loan. She thanks the manager and leaves. The manager texts about this. Kamini reads it and says that Pandya family is getting trapped in their loan plan as they wanted. Kalyaani asks if they’re doing right, if they’re not ruining her happy life in Pandya family. Kamini scolds Kalyaani and says that she is doing right and leaves. Keerti says to Kalyaani that they’re not needed to this.

Dhara is cleaning the kitchen. Suman calls Dhara and gives the nutrition filled ladu to Dhara to eat twice a day and says that her mom gave her it during her pregnancy. Dhara asks when she did. Suman says that she made it at Kanta’s house without anyone’s knowledge. Dhara recalls doctor saying that her stress can her and her baby and this is her last chance to become mother. Dhara places her head on Sudan’s lap and asks if everything will be fine. Suman says that she gave birth for four kids without any problem and asks why she’s getting worried. Dhara says that she might not got any spotting during her pregnancy. Suman says that she got little bit, one should not get more. She reassures Dhara. The latter says that she has an explaned fear ij her heart. Suman says that if she stresses her baby will also get stressed. She asks to prepare to become Sita of Ram. Dhara says that she ask her to not participate in Ram Leela. Suman says that time she doesn’t know about her worry. Suman asks Dhara to become Sita and leaves everything in God’s hand and enjoy pregnancy. Disha comes there. Suman goes to meet Disha.

Raavi is arranging Shiva’s clothes in the cupboard and lamenting about Disha kissing Shiva. Shiva hears this. Raavi turns and collides with Shiva. Ek tu hai plays in the BG. Raavi says that she doesn’t like messy room, so she arranged this. Shiva says that it’s matter of few days then she has to leave this house, so keep the clothes as she wants. Shiva goes close to Raavi. The song continues in the BG. Suman calls out Shiva to meet Disha. Raavi asks what his problem all of a sudden and says that she saw Disha kissing him, she saw everything. Shiva says that Raavi throws the water on him. Raavi denies it and says that she speaks nicely with Disha whereas he spoke rudely with her. She asks her to go and meet Disha. Shiva leaves calling Dishu.

Pandya Store 15th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Suman says to Disha to go to the kitchen and have a talk with Dhara. Disha agrees. Dhara says that she won’t give up in front of Suman’s stubbornness. Suman says that Dhara should like Disha. Disha comes to Raavi and says that she will make tea. Dhara says to Disha that she is a good girl but they believe that Raavi and Shiva’s relationship can become normal and asks why she is coming between them.

Raavi comes there. Disha says that Raavi and Shiva can maintain their relationship inspire of knowing each other from childhood. Disha says that if destiny doesn’t want to unite them, they haven’t met. Raavi thinks that maybe Disha is right, maybe they aren’t made for each other. Dhara says that she believes in relationship and says that Shiva and Raavi made for each other. She can’t change Disha’s thinking. It’s upto to Raavi whether she let Shiva leaves or she make him hers forever.


The doctor finds a serious issue in Dhara’s report and phones Gautam to inform about the same.

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