Pandya Store 14th March 2022 Written Update:

Pandya Store 14th March 2022 Written Update: The episode begins with Suman telling the police to capture Raavi. Police takes Raavi from that point. It goes to be Raavi’s fantasy. Rishita comes to Raavi on hearing her shouting and asks what occurred. Raavi says that she had a bad dream. Rishita says that it’s not time for bad dreams rather time to gain great experiences. Rishita requests that Raavi prepare for turmeric service. Raavi says that she doesn’t feel to prepare stunning Rishita. Dhara shows up there. Raavi says that she would rather not wed Shiva without his assent and moke her marriage. She needs that Shiva to be in his sense while playing out every one of the customs.

It’s wrong to cause him to do the ceremonies when he is oblivious. Dhara reprimands Raavi. She says that Shiva will not wed her assuming he acquires awareness. She inquires as to whether she needs to wed Shiva or not. Raavi says that she needs to wed him, yet not deluding him which enrages Dhara. The last option tells Raavi to come first floor preparing to wed Shiva else she will always be unable to wed Shiva. Dhara and Rishita leave.

Prafulla requests that the lodging assistant mind the register assuming a room is book on Suman’s name. The assistant says that a room is reserved, yet nobody has come. Suman stresses where Shiva took Raavi. She feels something is off-putting. She questions her family is concocting something.

Dev and Rishita acclaim the design organized by Gautam for Shiva-Raavi turmeric function. Krish comes to them playing drums. Then, at that point, Gautam comes to them and apologizes for getting plastered final evening. Dev prods Gautam. He says that they will be in a tough situation if Shiva gians his cognizance. All of a sudden Shiva comes there stunning them. Shiva says that his head is hurting with the beverage he gave the previous evening. He asks where they’re, the reason they’re not at home. Krish spills that the wedding will happen and they have turmeric function today.

Rishita dismantles Krish and admonishes him. Shiva asks who is getting hitched. Dev lies that Hardik is getting hitched. Shiva asks where Hardik is to salute him. Krish inquires as to whether Shiva will salute himself. Dev reprimands Krish. Shiva asks again where Hardik is. Gautam says that he is in Somnaath. Dev says that he is in the Somnaath parlor. They see Dhara coming. Gautam and Dev go to Dhara and signs her to Shiva. Dhara looks on stunned.

Raavi is preparing. Raavi’s adjust self image shows up and tells Raavi that she should be glad that she is getting what she needs, however she couldn’t care less about Shiva. She says that Shiva doesn’t adore her, she can’t stand her. Raavi says that she will change his scorn into adoration. Her modify inner self inquires as to why he can’t do it till now. They won’t become couple just by getting hitched. They have hitched as of now once and inquires as to whether he cherished her. Raavi says that Shiva adores her, she saw it in his eyes. He is angry with her now, however she make him hers after their marriage. Her adjust inner self giggles at Raavi’s idea and vanishes.

Dhara admonishes Dhara for getting tanked final evening. Dev requests that Dhara let it go since today’s Hardik’s turmeric function which shocks Dhara. Shiva asks while Hardik’s wedding sorted out. Dhara says to ask Dev. Rishita says that Dhara means to ask gods. Dhara ponders where Hardik is. Shiva asks Dev that he told Hardik is in the parlor why Dhara says that they need to track down him. Gautam shares with Shiva to quit addressing and adds that Dhara realizes Hardik is in the parlor. Shiva observes something is off-putting.

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Gautam telephones Hardik. The last option asks what Suman is doing at Prafulla’s home which shocks Gautam. The last option requests that Hardik come quick here requesting that uncle care for Suman. He says that it’s Hardik’s Turmeric function which befuddles Hardik. Dhara comes to Raavi and inquires as to whether she’s prepared. On observing Dhara strained, Raavi inquires as to whether her haldi will be moved by Shiva. Dhara guarantees Raavi that all that will occur as per the customs and trust Dev and Gautam will execute the arrangement accurately. Opposite side Gautam and Dev attempt to persuade Shiva to drink spiked juice. Here Raavi says that she wishes that Shiva and her turmeric service to occur in a similar spot. Dhara says that assuming Shiva acquires his sense, their marriage will not occur. She passes on requesting that Raavi prepare.

There Shiva asks who is Hardik’s lady of the hour. He requests to see the lady’s photograph. Krish inquires as to whether he needs to see Raavi’s photograph which stuns all. Shiva asks what Krish is talking about. Dev says that Krish implies Hardik’s brids resemble Raavi. Gautam requests that Shiva quit addressing and drink the juice. Shiva inquires as to why they’re driving him to drink it and will not have it. Gautam becomes irate and passes on requesting that Dev make him drink. Gautam comes to Dhara and says that Shiva won’t have spiked drink.

Precap: Suman sees the CCTV and ponders where they all took Shiva. Opposite side Dhara pours the turmeric water over Shiva. Raavi says that it’s inappropriate to have done constrained turmeric function. She chooses to come clean to Shiva.

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