Nima Denzongpa 28th December 2021 Written Update:

Toward the start of the episode, Manya becomes furious and comes to the sanctuary. Paras additionally follows her and tells her that today he has gone for her against his family. What’s more his adoration has given him mental fortitude. He shows her the wristband and says that his mom has sent it for her. He tells her how his mom and sister battled for his affection. Manya says that she is a servant’s girl, imagine a scenario in which his family doesn’t acknowledge her.

Mithali’s dad, then again, blows up seeing that Pushpa was professing to be oblivious. He begins talking seriously about the Goenka family. Rani blows up on hearing this and says that she also has a name related with this family, so he ought not consider offending them. She then, at that point, asks him that when she understood that the marriage is occurring in a rush, it implies that something isn’t right. Then, at that point, he was the dad of the little girl, so he didn’t comprehend the matter.

Then again, Manya and Paras unintentionally complete the circumambulation of the fire while talking. Pandit Ji illuminates them that they have finished seven rounds of marriage. He requests that Paras complete the marriage by filling the vermilion on Manya’s brow. Paras fills vermilion on her maang. Here Pushpa requests that Rani go to her room and take a rest. Be that as it may, Rani rejects. Bhola then, at that point, calls Rani to illuminate her that he has tracked down Paras

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Here Manya lets Paras know that putting vermilion on the temple and taking seven rounds doesn’t prompt marriage. She adds that her folks additionally adored each other without question however her grandma never acknowledged them and their relationship separated. That is the reason she doesn’t need exactly the same thing to happen to her. All at once Bhola comes to them and requests that Paras converse with Rani. Paras takes the telephone in his grasp and asks what she needs to converse with him.

Rani requests that he get back home. Paras illuminates her that he has got hitched and will accompany his better half. Rani says OK and starts giggling. Dinesh asks why she is giggling. Then, at that point, Rani comes to him and Dadi and lets them know that Paras has got hitched. Dadi is stunned to hear this. She furiously requests that Suman plan for the gathering. Here Siya and Nari are stressed over Manya.

Manya imagines that she should call Neema and tell her beginning and end. She calls Neema and is going to inform her regarding her marriage yet all of a sudden Suman comes and requests that she get ready for Paras’ gathering. Neema hangs up the telephone. Later some time Manya and Paras arrive at home. Suresh is going to see Manya however at that point Manya falls because of which he can’t see her face. While Manya is stunned to see that here Neema works.

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