Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 31st October 2022 Written Update:

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 31st October 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Dev commending diwali with kids. Sathyavathi believes that she needs to see this joy in front of him generally. She implores he will have a cheerful existence like others. In the mean time, Hariprasad sitting tight for Vidhi. Urmila tells them that they are unyielding to perform Lakshmi Pooja with Vidhi’s hand. Yet, she isn’t arrived at here yet. Neighbor comes there and shows Vidhi’s FM notice banner to Hariprasad. He illuminates Hariprasad that they will glue this banner every single corner of their area.

Family members objections to Hariprasad that he has sanctuary in his home however his girl doing displaying. Who is with Vidhi in banner? Doesn’t commitment broke as a result of him? Pramod grumblings that they are agonizing over Vidhi’s wedding yet she is focusing on this displaying. Brilliant asks them where could Vidhi be? Urmila asks to them regardless of whether Vidhi is in Balghar? Hariprasad shares with Bimla we should begin the pooja. No requirements to sit tight for Vidhi.

Sathyavathi tells Dev that she is figuring out his agony now. He was separated from everyone else these numerous years. She neglected to grasp his aggravation. To that end he made this Balghar. In any case, this is definitely not something seemingly insignificant. He done a major things to those youngsters. She is actually so pleased with him. She got going to deal with his kin. To that end she neglected to see him being distant from everyone else. He tells her that she cherished him a ton. She showed her consideration on him. She is his closest companion.

The two offers a close to home minutes. Afterward, Vidhi gets back to home and saw Hariprasad began the pooja without hanging tight for her. Bimla signals her to come there. She gives the arathi thaal to her. In any case, Hariprasad takes it back from her. Afterward, Priya shares her anguish to Amba. Priya grumblings to her that Abhimanyu began working from junior level. Will others’ opinion on him? Everybody will chuckle at him.

Amba shares with her that everything happening as a result of Vidhi. She is definitely not an honest young lady. Priya recollects the manner in which Abhimanyu requested that Vidhi do the Lakshmi Pooja. She adds that Vidhi prevented Dev from going to the meeting. Might be they got prevail in their arrangement. Yet, how challenge she to stop him. In the mean time, Hariprasad would not give prasad to her. Vidhi gets disheartened to see it. Amba eases up the diyas and feels that nobody try to grab Dev from her.

Diyas passes over in breeze. She gets disappointed and persuades herself that it’s co rate. Urmila asks Vidhi for what reason would she say she is late to home? She tells her that she got late from office and went to Balghar. Her telephone turned off. She asks her what did she done today? On account of her neighbor offended them by showing her image. Doesn’t she ponder Brilliant she needs to get hitched after her. Vidhi tells her that she fails to really see what they are talking. Brilliant requests that she quit acting she shows her image to her and says that. She snapped this photo for verification.

In the mean time, Sathyavathi imparts to Dev that she was content with his choice to invest energy with kids in Balghar. Dev stops the vehicle and saw the banners of Vidhi. Sathyavathi commended her there. In the interim, Vidhi tells Hariprasad that its not her yet transformed picture. Brilliant requests that she quit acting she heard everything. Urmila says that for this reason she didn’t permit Brilliant to work in her office. She needs to keep up with her insider facts. Bimla requests that she leave from that point. Urmila leaves from that point.

Precap: Vidhi will clear to Hariprasad that its a transformed picture. Hariprasad will grievance to her that her image will show in every single corner of indore tomorrow. He will drives away the Thaali and heads inside.

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