Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 1st July 2022 Written Update:

Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 1st July 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Katha telling Kabir that she second guesses herself why he undermined her and why he did it with her. Yuvraj lets his companions know that Katha might figure the reason why I made it happen yet I did due to my bet with Mukesh. Kabir swears on Katha’s tears and tells her that he will cause Rahul to get rebuffed. Companions inquire as to whether she becomes pregnant.

Yuvraj says she will give her family name as she said. Katha says she doesn’t know regardless of whether she can adore her child. Kabir says you’re giving your name to your child and it’s showing the amount you love her. Yuvraj says why we are discussing her? Dislike she is coming. Manny gets some information about. Yuvraj oversees expressing it’s about Bhabhi.

Katha feels terrified when the flight is landing. Kabir tells her that from today onwards her apprehension is his and his solidarity is hers. Katha feels far better. Yash requests that Madhu not carry him to the air terminal the following time. Madhu requests that he not stress as marriage didn’t as yet occur. Entire family holding up at the air terminal to get Kabir and his better half.

Kabir and Katha show up at the air terminal. Abrupt downpour comes in Udaipur. Savitri says her girl in regulation is fortunate. Yuvraj understands his manikins show dolls kept outside at home and he passes on the air terminal to protect them. Kabir and Katha come there and meet relatives. Savitri heartily invites them with Aarti. Yuvraj keeps the dolls inside with his companion’s assistance.

Savitri acclaims Katha’s excellence and tells her that she is fortunate to them as she purchased downpour alongside her. Manu lets her mother know that Savitri resembles her child Kabir. Madhu lets Kabir know that she is frustrated as he didn’t tell her. Kabir says deferring the beneficial things is bad. He asks where could Yuvraj be? Madhu says he organized an unexpected show which got ruined because of downpour so he get back.

Savitri meets Uma and tells her that they are making them stay at the lodging as it’s their practice to invite a little girl in regulation post marriage with Gruh Pravesh. Uma tells her it’s fine. Savitri guarantees her that she will regard Katha as her fourth little girl. Uma feels blissful.

At the inn, Kabir requests that Katha eat for their child. Katha says you and your family are great and I don’t know regardless of whether I can merit you folks and I feel remorseful until they know my reality. Uma inquires as to whether Kabir family acknowledges Katha in the event that they know her reality. Manu says they will see the value in Katha for her trustworthiness. Katha requests that Kabir illuminate his mom about her pregnancy.

Kabir says he recalls his commitment and tells her that he will illuminate his mom about her pregnancy before their commitment. Uma and Manu hear it. Manu requests that her mother unwind. Yuvraj comes there to meet his Bhabhi and thumps on the entryway. He gets shocked to see the individual who opened the entryway.

Precap – Madhu uncovers about Katha to her mom. Savitri won’t acknowledge Katha.

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