Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 13th May 2022 Written Update:

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 13th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Saumya and Tara going to where Armaan’s vehicle was found. Soumya sees a café there and goes towards it. She shows Armaan’s photograph to the chief and inquires as to whether she has seen Armaan. She sees Armaan’s photograph and understands that she saw Armaan. She tells Saumya that Armaan is in room number 21. Tara inquires as to whether any young lady had come to meet him. She says OK.

All at once the sweeper comes there and lets the supervisor know that the young lady has left her satchel here. Soumya believes that her should give her the handbag. The supervisor rejects. Soumya believes that her should call her and welcome her here. She does likewise however there another person comes instead of Prisha. Soumya asks the woman for what good reason she came here to meet Armaan. The lady lets Saumya know that she ought to pose this inquiry to Armaan.

Malti advises Sushma to eat something. Sushma denies. Soumya comes there. Sushma asks her where is Armaan. Soumya tells her that he has not accompanied her. Sushma gets frightened hearing this. Tara says that it isn’t Saumya’s shortcoming in this as Armaan himself has gone out. Unforgiving comes there and says that it is Saumya’s shortcoming as she has constrained Armaan to disappear from them.

Brutal says that assuming anything happens to Armaan, she will be answerable for it. Saumya’s dad tells Harsh that it isn’t Saumya’s shortcoming and she is now exceptionally furious so he shouldn’t say this. However, Harsh says that Saumya is here yet his child is away from him and he doesn’t actually know regardless of whether he is alive. Sushma gets anxious hearing this and leaves from that point. She demands God to safeguard her child.

Kashish lets Saumya know that she figured she would have family esteem yet she was off-base. Soumya begins feeling woozy. Malti deals with her. Then, she requests that she drink the soup. Soumya denies. Goldie comes there and lets Saumya know that nothing is had some significant awareness of Armaan at this point however soon they will get to know it all. Saumya then recalls that Armaan has a savvy with the assistance of which she can track down Armaan.

Soumya says that Armaan’s telephone is synchronized with his watch so she can track down him. Soumya says that Armaan’s telephone is with the police and perhaps he won’t give her his telephone. Goldie says that he will get the telephone from the police. Goldie and Saumya are going to leave from that point. Unforgiving says that he also will go with them. Next they all scope almost a slope. Soumya sees that Armaan is remaining toward the finish of the slope. Armaan advises Saumya to avoid him. Armaan says that he has undermined Saumya which he is upset for.

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