Molkki 25th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode starts with Police auditor lets Virendra know that as indicated by law now the castle and different properties has a place with Gajraj. Gajraj lets Virendra know that he will take the last’s jeep too. Then, at that point, he sees Purvi’s precious stone accessory and he arranges his men to take it from her. Virendra assaults him and requests that he stay in his cutoff points.

Gajraj’s men holds Virendra. Purvi won’t give her jewelry saying that it’s Virendra’s gift however Gajraj’s man grabs it. Gajraj lets Purvi know that he takes it on the off chance that he enjoys anything, and he leaves from that point. Gajraj’s men takes every one of the gems from Purvi and Anjali. Purvi asks Virendra that what’s going on and what are they going to do now. Police assessor advises Virendra to leave from that point.

Virendra arrives at prison to meet Prakashi. She lets him know that she would have moved the properties long back in the event that she realizes that he will come to meet her. He tells her that she isn’t mother yet demon. He says that she never pondered her grandkids. She asks him that for what reason she should think about others when nobody thought with regards to her. She says that now she simply thinks often about her and she isn’t understanding that why he came here when he remove all attaches with her as of now. She tauntingly lets him know that atleast she is remaining in prison however he has no spot to remain. She reviles them. He leaves from that point.

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Afterward, Anjali gets drained. Kids says that they are feeling cold. Virendra’s staff lets Virendra know that they can remain in his home until they tracks down another spot. He shows the house to them and leaves from that point. Kids sees that the house is so little and asks that are they going to remain in this house. Purvi lets them know that it’s a game and they should remain cheerful in this house with next to no bad things to say. They becomes energized catching wind of prize.

Everybody goes into the house and cleans it. After some time, Virendra feels terrible. Purvi lets him know that she can confront anything until he is with her. Juhi hears their discussion and understands that it’s no game except for they truly became poor. She reviews that how Gajraj grabbed neckband from Purvi.

Following day, Gajraj puts his name plate. Virendra converses with his legal counselor. Juhi gives neckband to Purvi as gift. Anjali asks them that didn’t they brought anything for her. She tumbles down and shouts in torment. In light of auto strike nobody stops. Yogi and Virendra goes to bring vehicle. Gajraj comes there and says that he is prepared to help them.

Purvi will not take his assistance however later she concurs seeing Anjali’s condition. Virendra sees that and becomes irate. Purvi guarantees Anjali saying that nothing will happen to her and her youngster. They arrives at the emergency clinic. Purvi says thanks to Gajraj and lets him know that they will get everything which the last option grabbed from them. He requests that she come to castle alone to meet him and leaves from that point.

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