Molkki 22nd-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Sakshi tells Arjun that everything going on according to their plan and now Purvi need to leave from Virendra’s life permanently. He praises her plan and asks about her enmity with Purvi. She tells him that Purvi snatched her family from her that’s why she hates Purvi so much. She says to him that, that day she wanted to kill Purvi but Daksh died.

She recalls that how she reached the hotel to meet Purvi. She tells herself that she was watching everything till now and she thought Purvi will marry Daksh but that didn’t happen and now she can’t wait anymore to get her family back and for that she need to kill Purvi today and looks at her gun. She follows Prakashi and Anjali to reach Purvi and smiles seeing Daksh’s behaviour towards Purvi.

She takes the gun from her bag and shoots Daksh by mistake. She tells everything to Arjun. She says to him that she had to change her plan because of her mistake. He tells her that he needed money that’s why he joined hands with her. She tells him that she wanted to trap Purvi and he did it on behalf of her.

She informs him that how she talked about him in front of her Kids so they approach him for help. He tells her that everyone believed that he took the case for Kids. She tells him that she wanted Purvi to find the bullet that’s why she told Manas to hide in his cupboard. He tells her that her plan worked perfectly because he thought Purvi will refuse to marry him.

She tells him that she enjoyed the moment when Virendra learnt about his and Purvi’s marriage. She says to him that she warned him when she got to know that Purvi trying to find his weakness to use it against him. She tells him that she did so much to throw Purvi out of the house but still Virendra thought Purvi hiding something from him.

He tells her that he is glad that she informed him at right time that Virendra planning to take Kids with him otherwise they would lost everything. She tells him that she can’t let that happen and she need to win no matter what. She says to him that she was about to reach her goal but Purvi found out about Radhika and planned to gather evidence against him that’s why she informed him everything and asked him to execute their next move. He tells her that Kids were their trump card that’s why he kidnapped them and he praises Purvi’s determination.

She tells him that she gave information to him and he blackmailed Purvi. He tells her that Purvi thinks that she is smart but she is wrong because her enemy Sakshi is more smarter than her. She tells him that she can go any extend to get her family. She says to him that she beginned this game so she will end it. She asks him to call Purvi to construction site and they should make Virendra believe that Purvi lied to him and then she will get her family and he will get his money.

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