Mere Sai 9th November 2021 Written Update:

Mere Sai 9th November 2021 Sai brings an idol covered with a cloth to Dwarkamai. Baizama asks Sai where is the one who He had gone to bring. Sai shows Ma Saraswati’s idol. Tatya asks Him if He needs help from Ma Saraswati. How? Sai says it is going to be a tough day for the kids. Ma Sharda, who has helped kids since years, can help them again.

Prasad takes the kids forcefully to his factory. The parents of the kids follow them as well. Sarkar watches their procession curiously. Bela’s father and Bheeva plead Sarkar to help them as their Mukhiya. Your people are getting abused. Only you can stop this now. Please help us. Sarkar and Prasad look at each other.

Sarkar recalls Prasad’s threat. He is a fix. People will think that Prasad is powerful than the Mukhiya. I must do something. He tells everyone that he will surely stop this. Have you signed any contract or agreement? Prasad smirks. Everyone else gets tensed. Sarkar asks them to answer. Bheeva admits that they did put their thumb impression on a paper. Sarkar says you could have asked me before that. You are in trouble so you have come to seek help now. Mhalsapati ji says you were in support of Prasad ji.

Sarkar nods. I dint intend that you should send your kids to the factory. You could have let them try working there for a few days first. Neither I nor any judge can do anything as you have signed the agreement. He vows to take revenge from Prasad for getting him into such a situation. Today is not my day. He heads inside.

Prasad laughs at villagers. Did you hear him? No court can stop your kids from working at my factory. Mhalsapati ji replies that Sai does justice when courts fail. You wont be able to do anything wrong till the time He is there. Prasad tells him to call Sai then. We will see what He will do!

Mere Sai 8th November 2021 Written Update:

Parents request Sai to help them. Please don’t let our kids be punished for our misdeeds. Sai lights a diya in front of Ma Saraswati. You are a Goddess of knowledge. My kids have disrespected you unintentionally but you are a mother. A mother can never be upset with her kids. She knows how to forgive. Please forgive them as they have realized their mistake. Please hear my plea, Aayi. Don’t disappoint me and these kids. Everyone folds hands.

Kids and their parents follow Prasad reluctantly. Parents try to stop the kids but Prasad’s men keep them at bay. Prasad asks the kids to follow him. They comply.

Sai keeps notebooks in front of ma Saraswati.

Prasad enters in the factory with the kids and is taken aback to see something. The material for candies has been replaced with notebooks. He is shocked at the sight. How can this happen? Even the kids are confused.

Sai smiles in Dwarkamai. Thank you, Aayi. I knew that you wont disappoint the kids.

Govindrao ji asks Nanasaheb about pundit ji. I was thinking of taking his help to offer Prasad. Nanasaheb is clueless as well. He asks Bheema about Mhalsapati ji. He gets tensed after hearing the answer.

Prasad is furious. It must be their parents’ doing! He summons them inside and questions them. You knew that you wont win over me so you stole the ingredients. Bhairav says we did not do anything. How can we get inside? Prasad says Fakir might have helped you. I have heard that He knows black magic. I wont let you all go so easily. Don’t forget about the agreement. Kids are bound to work here till the time I free them.

You thought your kids will be let off if you steal the ingredients? I will put my factory somewhere else. You wont be able to see their faces too! If anyone tries to stop me then! Govindrao ji asks him what he will do then. Prasad is shocked to see Govindrao ji, Nanasaheb and Sarkar. He greets Govindrao ji. How come you are here suddenly? Govindrao ji asks him to answer him. I have come to know everything even if you wont say anything. Mhalsapati ji asks Nanasaheb about Govindrao ji. Nanasaheb shares that he is the collector of this area.

Govindrao ji shares that he had given a contract to Prasad. I thought he is a good guy but I was wrong. I found out about his true nature thanks to Sai. I never thought that you will stoop so low and you will put their lives at risk for profit. Don’t you know that they cannot be employed at this age? You hid about them working. You hid it from Government too and you made the parents sign the agreement paper. You are even paying them less. You wanted to avoid paying taxes and save money.

It is illegal. You have broken a rule and will be punished for it! Your permission is cancelled! You wont be able to set up another factory anywhere ever again! Villagers look relieved. Prasad begs for forgiveness. I admit my mistake. Please don’t do this though. Govindrao ji says you abused kids. They are God’s avatar. I gave you a chance to progress collectively but you ended up snatching their childhood. You stooped so low for your own selfish reasons! You wont be forgiven! Prasad looks at Sarkar.

Sai leaves for the factory immediately. Baizama, Baji and Tayta fold hands in reverence.

Prasad says it wasn’t mine but Sarkar’s plan. Sarkar does not let him talk. I let you stay in my house as my friend but you are trying to trap me now. He tells Govindrao ji that he did support him initially. I thought he wants them to progress.

I even let my own grandson work there. I would have never sent my grandson there if I knew his intentions. Prasad retorts that he had no idea that Prahalad works in the factory. Sarkar slaps him. Everyone present here knows that I know about every small movement in Shirdi. I sent Prahalad there thinking that it will do him good but you backstabbed us! He should be punished.

Prasad denies. I wont commit this mistake again. Please don’t cancel my permission. I will be doomed! He looks at the villagers and Sarkar. You dint do the right thing. I am ruined! I have nothing to lose now. Remember that such a person is very dangerous! You all must pay for my damage.

He picks a torch and holds Martand captive. I will not spare him if anyone takes a step further. Sai tells Prasad he wont do anything. Everyone except Sarkar is relieved to see Sai.

Precap :Prasad challenges Sai. I will take revenge for my defeat right in front of you! He will die a painful death now!

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