Mere Sai 4th November 2022 Written Update:

Mere Sai 4th November 2022 Written Update on

Kulkarni says to vaidya you look proficient what are you doing in wilderness. Sai strolls in and says since not many individuals give handicap more significance than ability, and individuals in woodland are nearer to nature dissimilar to individuals fr town and city who fail to remember their foundations. Kulkarni gets up and says you are here also behind me and I realize you were here to see me dead yet your desire won’t ever worked out.

Sai says I’m here to show you something, you fires Shiv as a result of his incapacity, and this vaidya is visually impaired. Kulkarni in shock. Sai tells Kulkarni you think cripple are in the event that no utilization except for look one saved your life. Kulkarni expresses stop with your weak advices. Sai says I’m allowing you an opportunity to fix your slip-up, so you don’t lament later. Kulkarni begins giggling at Sai and says Shiv is bum and is of no utilization and a weight and we both will see that.

Shiv arrives at home discouraged in tears. His dad asks whats wrong, Shiv lets them know what occurred. Bhumi in tears and says this is unreasonable, I can’t see him like this. Vaishali strolls in. Her mom expresses converse with Shiv look he is so disturbed, Kulkarni terminated him.

Vaishali says whats new in this, he gets recruited then terminated once more yet I’m burnt out on Divakar, her mom says you keep him annoying as well, I have told you so often you need to do a few changes. Vaishali says nobody comprehends me, you don’t pay attention to me who will pay attention to idiotic Shiv. Bhumi strolls in and with pupets gifted by Shiv she authorizes and cheers him.

Sai sees Baizmaa and Rambha at Dwarka Mai. Sai asks why here. Baizmaa says I’m fortunate to have child like Tatya and I needed to praise his birthday and make it extraordinary. Rambha says yet we needed to drop since occasion individuals got some additional cash some place and we want your assistance. Sai says sure, yet initial one significant work. Sai makes a jadibutti.

Shiv’s folks cheer him by commending him, and says thanks to Bhumi for continuously being with him. Bhumi says let me get you all food, Shiv goes to help her. Vaishali says both of you simply continue to adulate her and she hasn’t transformed anything.

Her mom says whats amiss with you Vaishali. Vaishali says you don’t see my concerns atleast see Shiv’s. Shiv is simply flippant and lighthearted and frantic behind Bhumi how might he succeed or follow through with something, Bhumi is certainly not a decent impact for Shiv, she is explanation for all terrible fates, she is extremely childish and needs everybody just to laud her, and associate with her,

like Shiv goes assist her with getting water and weighty stuff and these manikins who all does this thus that she doesn’t lose this, she causes him to lose employment. Her folks reprimand her and say not a word against Shiv and Bhumi. Vaishali says you will before long know reality.

Sai tells Rambha your assistance is here. Bhumi and Shiv stroll in. Bhumi expressions of remorse to Sai on the grounds that Shiv disregarded him, Shiv conciliatory sentiments as well. Bhumi says Sai our misfortune simply doesn’t end.

Sai says life is of all promising and less promising times you need to continue to move. Bhumi says yet these difficulties don’t appear to end so today I will go give until oil to lorf Maruti. Sai says here is your oil. Sai says I needed to accompany you in this caring work.

Bhumi says currently all will be great I have your gifts. Sai says I have a proposal for you, will both of you helo Baizmaa observe Tatya’s birthday. Shiv and Bhumi ask how could we, Sai says I have confidence in you, both of you plan this occasion together and make it essential. Baizmaa says assuming that Sai believes you I do as well. Bhumi says yet how might we do it single-handedly. Sai says when you say we why you are distant from everyone else.

Vaishali returns to her home, her mom says you are back once more, Vaishali says OK Vimla is dealing with weaving and her significant other sells it, and I believe that should do it too at any rate Divakar lacks the capacity to deal with me. Shiv and Bhumi arrive at home and tell about Sai’s offers.

Pre cap: Sai asks vaidya to come to Baizmaa house for birthday celebration and requests to get some goft as well. Bhumi sees fire during embellishment and stops Shiv however things get harmed. Bhumi begins crying and goes to Sai.

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