Mere Sai 26th May 2022 Written Update:

Mere Sai 26th May 2022 Written Update on

Shirdi kids talk about among themselves can they rout these children. Srikant says have confidence in yourself. Kids express its in English even our family will not comprehend. Sai says everybody will comprehend and Prahlad you need to be a section to right, do as I say. Prahlad says OK.

Sai sees Ragini stressed and gives her expectation. Ragini in tears.
Different children finish their play. Malti says brilliant all around good to them.

Have says ita challenging to beat this presentation, lets see what Shirdi children will dom Balvant tells Kulkarni you doing play is beginning and officials aren’t bere. Kulkarni says pause and watch.

Srikant says Ragini come on gives up. Ragini recollects Kulkarni’s words and says I can’t make it happen. Everybody stunned. Srikant says don’t free expectation, Ragini says I just can’t.

Balvant asks Kulkarni what is he upto, Kulkarni tells about how Ragini’s mom was once embarassed when she was youthful and history will rehash and assuming these children perform they will be captured and in the event that they don’t we will at any rate win, and come lets have some good times.

Srikant says Ragini I have confidence in you, Kulkarni strolls in and taunts Ragini and says acknowledge rout this young lady can do nothing. Sai says even God flies off the handle seeing children upset and take a gander at you, Kulkarni says they don’t merit kindness.

Balvant says Srikant your children are of no utilization, Kulkarni says lets give them some time, they are locals and furthermore acting in English, so we give you 15 min and do anything you desire and Sai you have this opportunity to save these children from shame Sai says Ragini accompany me. Officials hurrying towards play to capture kids before play closes.

Ragini strolls in front of an audience with Sai. Sai makes sense of Ragini significance of stage and the way things are like mother to entertainers, and asks her what is most quiet spot for her, Ragini says my mom. Sai says then how might this stage let her child be humiliated. Ragini eays on the off chance that I bomb everybody will,

Sai and in the event that you don’t perform you will free easily and future is in Gods hands and when we really buckle down we atleast realize we made an honest effort, I had given you a potli did you check it, Ragini says no and opens it, she sees kasturi in it, Ragini says why, Sai says like deer has barely any familiarity with kasturi and continues to search for itself and correspondingly you have your ability center around it, Ragini embraces him and says I will perform. Sai favors her.

Kulkarni blows up. Shirdi kids play starts. Different children stunned and Malti dazzled paying attention to their English. Prahlad deciphers play in hindi for other people.
English officials show up and say this play is restricted, Balvant says OK its right this play is prohibited. Official asks who is chief here, Srikant says I am, official sayd capture him and all children who are performing.

Residents attempt to guard Srikant and kids, official says they have defied guidelines nobody can save them capture them. Cops incapable to push ahead, Balvant asks what’s going on, they say our legs are stuck we can’t move. Kulkarni says Balvant,

this will be this hobo Sai’s turn, assuming you do so Sai even you will be shipped off prison. Sai says I sat idle, might be God doesn’t maintain that children should go prison and children have worked. hard thus this play will happen and request that children continue play. Kids continue play.

Balvant and Kulkarni stunned to see individuals’ reaction to play. Malti hails for youngsters. Sai says to official that cash that you acquire from disturbing your own kin and blameless children how might you see development, and you need to capture kids who are showing you the current condition and soon this present circumstance will influence you as well,

furthermore, these children are against nothing they are battling for their right, assuming they get regard they will give regard and in the event that you think by serving incorrectly you are doing well, capture me too in light of the fact that I am with them,

Keshav stands and says I am with them capture me as well, Prahlad says capture me as well on the off chance that my companions go prison, so will I, Kulkarni yells at Prahlad, gradually all residents represent kids. Sai says now all of you can continue and capture us. Official requests that his associates capture them and says nobody will be saved and I will be back with more power.

ICS official says that won’t be fundamental, for what reason is this play restricted on the grounds that British think this will be a development against them however capturing children will make it most terrible, so we ought to simply caution them and leave.

Precap :Balvant tells Kulkarni, my best course of action against Sai – nobody won’t ever envision about it and soon you will see him and others ask before me.

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