Mere Sai 16th March 2022 Written Update:

Mere Sai 16th March 2022 Written Update: Ragini lets Chetan know that he generally swindles. The individuals who cheat take a hike where they are scorched in oil. Chetan inquires as to whether she is a holy person. Sai hears them. What are we referring to? Ragini advises him to make sense of for Chetan. Cheating is a wrongdoing. He gestures. Chetan concedes that he swindled a bit.

Baba took me some place once. We went to a sweet shop where Baba let me know that the retailer swindles individuals constantly. I did something insignificant. Sai says everybody should pay for their transgressions and ethics. Have you known about Mahabharata’s Shishupal? Ragini shakes her head. He offers to recount the story. They all plunk down.

Sai says Shishupal’s mom was Lord Shree Krishna’s auntie. She took an aid from Shree Krishna when she figured out that Shishupal will be killed by him. He should exonerate his 100 sins. Shree Krishna concurred. Shishupal began submitting sins as he began developing. Shree Krishna was counting his wrongdoings.

Sarkar asks Janardan for what valid reason he is iding his face. Janardan says I would rather not be seen with you. Sarkar reasons that he was his accomplice around here. Bear the discipline assuming you have procured the benefits as well. I wont be shipped off prison alone. I will open you to judge as well. Janardan demands him not to do as such. I will do as you say. Sarkar grins. You should pay me with interest for anything you took from me.

janardan calls it treacherous. We had an arrangement. Sarkar gestures. I have it with me here. I can show it to pass judgment and demonstrate that you were the one behind it. I will be liberated while you will be shipped off prison. Janardan consents to pay him. However, try not to drag me in this. Sarkar gives him time till evening to give him the cash. Janardan goes to orchestrate the cash. Santa Clause asks Sarkar how he will manage this cash in the event that he is shipped off prison. Sarkar advises him to pause and watch.

Sarkar presents the method involved with making the medication and the rundown of fixings in the court. None of the fixings utilized in the medication were destructive. Sai is recounting a story to the children. Attorney reasons that this medication dint help anybody. Sarkar gestures. I quit making these medications after acknowledging it. It demonstrates that I dint expect to cabin anybody. Legal counselor contends that he wound up raising the cost of the medication all things considered.

Sarkar concedes that the cost of the fixings expanded so that affected it. Legal counselor asks him for what reason he halted the public authority specialist from performing her responsibility. Sarkar reasons that she wasn’t so certain at first. I dint stop her later. Indeed, even Dr. Pillai was working in Shirdi as of now. Nobody truly knew the side effects or the treatment. I later sorted out that individuals will great resistant framework would battle it somehow.

I concur that my medication probably won’t have helped anybody yet I can ensure that my medication went about as a supported for the individuals who took it. I’m an illustration of that. Nobody who took my medication was harmed simultaneously. For what reason am I being faulted for it then, at that point? I have 2 individuals from Shirdi who might want to give an assertion in support of myself. Judge surveys the confirmations and gives Sarkar a spotless chit. Sarkar is additionally prompted not to have a go at pulling a trick like this in such circumstances in future. He should submit to government rules. Sarkar gestures.

Sai says Shree Krishna excused Shishupal again and told His auntie that He is pardoning this transgression as well. However, he is gone to his 100th sin. He will be rebuffed the day his pot of sins floods. Chetan makes a deal to avoid doing anything wrong once more. Prahalad requests that he recount to them the remainder of the story. Sai requests a break. I should complete something before the evening pravachan. Ragini asks Sai when His weaving will be finished. Sai says it will happen when the blossoms will supplant the thistles. 2 are finished. The time has come to help the other 2 at this point. Das Ganu begins the pravachan.

Scarcely any years prior:
Pandurang demands Ramnath ji not to break the collusion. We wont be left for any great assuming that occurs! My girl’s life will be demolished. He keeps his turban before Ramnath ji who tramples it and discards it. You should bear the discipline! U tells him not to affront Pandurang ji like this.

Ramnath ji says he lied that he is a landowner like him. Baizama concurs that he shouldn’t have made it happen. You picked his little girl for what her identity is. For what reason would you say you are saying no at this point? Ramnath says I can’t wed my child in a conventional family. I have observed that the land has a place with somebody named Vishnu. Pandurang just cares for it.

Vishnu asks him who has said this. He ventures forward. Truth is that the land has a place with Pandurang in particular. ramnath asks him what his identity is. Vishnu presents himself. Pandurang dint lie. That land has a place with him in particular. Pandurang denies. I have committed a grave error. I had no control over myself as the union was so great. I submitted a major sin by considering your property mine. I wont do it any longer. Vishnu reasons that he is doing everything on that field since most recent 25 years. You have the main right on it as you are the person who is caring for it. Ramnath says they are great for the ears. That land is yours lawfully.

Vishnu consents to give that land to Pandurang legitimately. We will go to Chawdi now and prepare the papers. Pandurang amenably denies however Vishnu says you have taken care of that land as your child. I was sent here for reasons unknown. Your persistent effort has brought a ton of great for us. The time has come to hand it over to the person who merits it. Kindly don’t say no.

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Ramnath calls it silliness however Baizama supports what Vishnu has done. He has carried out numerous beneficial things in the past as well. Vishnu says I haven’t done anything great. However, i ought to have done this previously. Ramnath concurs for the marriage in the event that this land is to be sure moved to Pandurang. Pandurang says no.

I planned to commit an error prior yet presently I wont wed my girl in a house where she will be passed judgment on like that. Ramnath’s inner self is harmed. How might you deny us? Vishnu reasons that you should match his great characteristics. They are the main things that stay. Cash travels every which way! He requests that Pandurang come to Chawdi with him.

Ragini and Jhipri’s little girl are considering. Ragini can’t articulate a doha which infuriates her. How might I recall it along these lines? Sai says you should get the memorable importance it. She requests that he make sense of the significance. A man is made a beeline for Dwarkamai. Sai says the doha. I will let you know the importance in some time. The man welcomes Sai. Ragini requests that Sai make sense of the importance of doha. He advises her to watch them. You will see soon.

Sai sits with the person. He gloats about his insight and how very much perused and achieved he is. I actually feel anxious. Life feels fragmented. For what reason is it so? Sai inquires as to whether he has come alone. He says I meander around to acquire information. I haven’t been home since a year. It isn’t so much that issue that can be settled through that. Sai says it will be settled. He requests that Keshav give them water in a bowl. Keshav gestures.

Vishnu is taking 33% of his grains to Dwarkamai. Madhav lauds him for how he had helped Pandurang. Vishnu says I am a normal individual. I’m just giving My best. Sai is familiar with everybody. He can disseminate it to the perfect individuals. He leaves. Madhav grins.

Sai requests that savant ji bring something for Him. Savant ji thinks that it is unusual. There are such countless children here. For what reason is Sai causing me to do this then, at that point?

Precap :Mohan requests for that land from his dad however Vishnu calls it incomprehensible. Mohan tosses him out of the house. Vishnu separates before Sai. Weather conditions becomes blustery. Sai encourages Vishnu to leave. Vishnu asks Him where he ought to go.

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