Mere Sai 14th March 2022 Written Update:

Mere Sai 14th March 2022 Written Update: Sudha is on stag with her support. She is wearing ghungroo to her left side leg. Ragini takes the prop from many her sign. Sai sits close to the plant.

Sudha begins her dance. Sai wears ghungroo on His right leg and starts tapping His feet. Sudha overlooks her aggravation and starts moving gradually in cadence. Sai takes off the fabric from the plant and grins. Sudha understands that her right leg is fine and moves cheerfully. Vasudev grins. Every other person is appreciating it too.

Sudha’s cousin mumbles that she is moving perfectly. Sudha grins extensively as she closes the dance. She becomes strained as the residents don’t respond for a couple of moments. They all begin applauding abruptly. Sudha is contacted. She grins at Sai. Her cousin sibling embraces her. The man says Sudha has demonstrated the strength of workmanship today. Vasudev is truly fortunate. This young lady will carry popularity and abundance to your loved ones.

We will support her coaching. We have chosen to give her a gold prize and Rs. 500 money. He puts the decoration around her neck and gives her the cash. Vasudev embraces Sudha. His sibling looks on. Sai lets Kashiba know that the workmanship that he believed planned to bring you terrible name has really done right by you. Will you actually disregard her ability in light of your customary considerations? Kashiba folds his hands. It isn’t you yet my psyche that is injured. I slighted your specialty and you.

Indeed, even I was stunned to see your dance today. Maybe there is some heavenly energy in you. He is sorry to Vasudev. Vasudev says I have no bad things to say. Uma says I ought to have regarded your ability as a lady. Your ability has stirred the lady in me! Sudha gives her decoration and cash to you. He is shocked. She advises him to keep it as he is the head of their home. This should be in your grasp as it were. Vasudev seconds her. Kashiba embraces Sudha.

Sudha checks her leg out. She asks Sai how she could recuperate. This was your marvel, isn’t that so? Sai denies. This was from your heart. This was from the wish to not abandon your fantasy! He drones the equivalent shloka again which she finishes. Everybody folds hands.

Das Ganu and locals say Sai Baba ki Jai. Rishabh looks on. Sakharam and Kaushik see the change all over as they sing the bhajan. Anshuman can see the change on his sibling’s face also.

Sai is making something in Dwarkamai and grins.

Everybody folds hands as the bhajan closes. Locals leave. Rishabh gets up. Sakharam, Kaushik and Ganu look on eagerly however Rishabh inclines toward the divider for help. Sakharam becomes concerned. Rishabh says words can recuperate the heart yet not the infection.

Sai takes a gander at the dhuni. He gets some coal pieces in a bowl.

Sakharam requests that Rishabh open the entryway. Ganu advises him to leave it alone. Try not to stress over him as he is in Sai’s grasp now. Sakharam gestures.

Rishabh brings medication and rests. He wakes up and is stunned to see Sai remaining close to his bed. Who are you? Is it safe to say that you are Sai? He checks the finished entryway off. How could you come inside? Sai places the medication in the coal. He asks Sai what He is doing. Sai expresses out loud whatever’s the purpose in keeping something which you needn’t bother with. Rishabh demands that he is sick. I’m sick since I met with a mishap.

Sai says Sudha met with a mishap as well. You heard her story. Do you actually require them in the wake of hearing her story? Rishabh inquires as to whether He feels that he enjoys living like this. I had my own fantasies! I needed to extend Baba’s business all over yet my legs surrender soon now. Sai rectifies him. It is your heart, your fortitude that has surrendered. Attempt and tell yourself once that you can walk or run. Circumstance will change assuming that you will think in an unexpected way. You should attempt. Rishabh says I attempted a ton.

Flashback shows Vaid ji attempting to assist Rishabh with working out. He helps Rishabh stand and walk however it is excessively difficult for Rishabh. He shouts in torment as he makes each stride. Flashback closes. Rishabh says I felt as though I would pass on with each progression. It used to hit truly hard. Sai says you dint acknowledge when that aggravation became dread. Attempt to move past your dread and attempt indeed. I’m not saying that it wont hurt. It is regular yet that tests us. Who is greater than whom – is it the aggravation or us?

Rukmani goes to God for her significant other’s case. Don’t have any idea what will occur in court. Rama Krishna Hari. Prahalad asks her why she is here till now. She says I was conversing with God. He asks her for what reason she is crying. She answers that she was feeling fretful. He shares that he meets Sai at whatever point he feels as such. My dread disappears in the blink of an eye.

Rishabh tells Sai it is simpler for Him to say. I took my medication before you came which is the reason I am ready to remain before you. Sai inquires as to whether it is the very medication that Vaid ji has given to him. Rishabh gestures. I’m taking it since years all things considered. Sai advises him to check once more. Rishabh looks at the medication however it goes to be churan. Where’s my medication? Sai shows the jug to him. How should churan show this impact?

Precap :Ganu says Sai says that the individual who carries out his responsibilities well gets compensated emphatically without a doubt.

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