Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 19th November 2021 Written Story:

Raghav says Pallavi our plan was perfect, you will first call Amma, Keerti, Sunny for dinner and will come there and Esha will be here to harm you, Pallavi says she hit me hard, Raghav says I accepted her deal. Pallavi says and as planned I started shouting for help and when you will reach room,

I will attack Esha, Raghav says and as accepted she will act in return and will shoot you, Pallavi says I did awesome acting, Raghav says it was oscar winning and then I added stones in jute bag and threw it as you. Pallavi says but this isn’t over yet, we have to answer Esha in her terms, Raghav says nothing is impossible now because we are together.

Keerti worried for Pallavi, Sunny says I find something fishy in this, there is something definitely happened and Raghav is hiding something, Keerti says I think Pallavi wanted to tell something about Esha and Esha harmed her after knowing about it, Sunny says that is possible, I spoke to Esha sometime back and she souned very scared.

Esha scared, Sumit asks whats wrong, did you scare Pallavi and Raghav did he find anything, Esha says Pallavi is dead and tells everything but now Raghav is with me and I am happy, tomorrow I will shift back with him, I wilo be Mrs. Raghav Rao, Sumit says don’t forget me after that, I want his property, Esha says I promise I will give you whatever you want.
Amruta and Sharda waiting for Pallavi, Milind says don’t worry Pallavi isn’t irresponsible, Pallavi walks in, Sharda asks where was she, Pallavi says don’t worry, I was handling things and sorry you had to worry so much, I will apologise to Amma and Keerti but it was needed, Milind asks what is wrong, Pallavi says just trust me and you will find it. Milind says we all trust you.

Jaya worried for Pallavi and asks Keerti did she find about Pallavi and is very scared. Esha walks in, Jaya says definitely she has done something to Pallavi, tell us Esha what you did and if I find you are behind her I won’t spare you, Raghav says Amma calm down, Esha is innocent, Esha says Aunty I am here to apologise for all my mistakes and have taken back the case too, and I regret what I did and really sorry, and will apologise to Pallavi too, Keerti says enough of your drama Esha,

what else you want us to do, Raghav says forget everything Amma and Keerti, Keerti says Pallavi is missing since yesterday and I am sure she is behind it, Raghav says forget Pallavi, she treated me like a slave, called you all for dinner and went missing, she doesn’t care about us, Esha atleast came back and she loves me, unlike Pallavi who doesn’t respect anyone of us, I know you all find it weird but I want Esha back, Jaya says have you lost it, Raghav says Esha go to guest room and I will get your stuff.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 18th November 2021 Written Story:

Esha serfles in her room and says wow I love this place and soon will rule here, Esha gets scared by something, Raghav walks in and asks whats wrong why are you scared, Esha says are there Rats here, Raghav says no, let me check and bends bellow bed and finds a doll and says its just a soft toy, this was Pallavi’s favourite toy but it was at Deshmukh’s how did it come here, anyways forget all this, and now cook Suji Halwa for Amma to impress her, Esha says sure, Raghav says I will see you later bye.

Milind says Rajini today you will have to convince you are Sulochana to everyone, Sulochana walks in and says you think this woman will take my place, Amruta, Sharda, Mansi walk out and shocked to see Sulochana’s look alike, Amruta asks who is our Aai, Sulochana says I am your mom,

Ragini says Amruta I am your mom, Rajni and Sulochana start arguing, Sulochana about to attack her, Milind stops her, Rajni and Sulochana keep arguing, Sharda says all quiet, Milind tell us who is real one, Milind looks at both and gets confused and says even I don’t know, both are same, Sharda says lets take their test today and whoever passes will win. Rajni and Sulochana agree.

Raghav tells Pallavi, he has told Amma and Keerti the truth and Amma started dancing knowing the truth and also asked Keerti to keep Sunny away and now you go, Pallavi says bye and leaves.

Esha makes Suji Halwa, and says I hope Jaya Aunty likes it and once she will be impressed, I will rule here like a queen, I will be owner of this house and business. Raghav walks to Esha and says Halwa is smelling nice, and go call Amma. Esha says yes and leaves.
Esha walks in with Jaya and Keerti,

Esha says I made Halwa for you, Raghav says open it and serve, all will love it, Esha opens the bowl and sees sand in it, Esha asks how did this happen, Raghav you were here, Raghav says no I went to attend a call, Keerti says you want us to eat sand, Esha says trust me, Jaya says did a ghost come here then, Jaya smiles at Raghav, Esha confused.

Precap :Esha calls Jaya, Jaya acts like she is possessed by Pallavi and says I will tell everyone the truth that you killed me.Pallavi scares Esha by appearing as a ghost.

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