Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 27th November 2021 Written Story:

The scene begins with Sulochana and Milind gives Rajini her cherished food which she requested Milind. Rajini tells that she isn’t significant with regards to this. Milind lets Rajini know that they are Maharastrians and they will approach this in a serious way. Sulochana requests that Rajini have the food. Rajini eats the food then, at that point, says thanks to them and goes out. In RR manor Sunny packs the things. Keerti comes there and asks him what’s happening with he. Radiant lets Keerti know that they are going to their home. He leased another house which is close by RR manor and at whatever point she needs to she can visit her family. Keerti gets enthusiastic. Radiant lets Keerti know that he will before long purchase another house and they can reside there joyfully. He additionally says thanks to Keerti for allowing him a subsequent opportunity. Keerti lets Sunny know that he demonstrated that he merits this possibility and she ans their kid is pleased with him likewise he substantiated himself as a best dad.

Bright lets Keerti know that she is the best mother of their youngster. The two of them takes a gander at one another affectionately and embraces. In Deshmukh’s home Amruta and Mansi expresses gratitude toward Milind for giving them their mother back. Milind tells that he is stressed over Pallavi dont realize what occurred. Amruta gets a message from Pallavi wherein it expresses that Esha got captured and they are cheerful. Hearing this the Deshmukh’s gets cheerful. Sulochana requests that Mansi bring the aaarti plate saying they will express gratitude toward God through a puja. Mansi concurs and heads inside. Sulochana requests that Amruta switch on the music framework and play the bhajan.

Amruta goes towards the music framework yet Milind tells that they will thank god in Pallavi’s style. Sulochana and Amruta checks out him confusedly. Milind turns on the music framework and takes the aarti plate from Mansi’s hand and starts doing aarti. Everybody looks glad. In RR manor Jaya requests that Sunny and Keerti not to go anyplace and remain in this house as it were. Radiant and Keerti tells to each other to cause Jaya to comprehend the reason why they are making this stride.

Raghav and Pallavi comes there. Jaya illuminates them that Sunny and Keerti is going out. The two of them asks them not to pass on to which Keerti tells that the leased house is close by RR manor just so they can meet all the more frequently. Bright tells that he dont need to be a weight likewise he needs to begin their life from the scratch. Keerti tells them soon they will purchase another house. In case Sunny’s tattoo shop doesn’t goes well then he will do another work. Pallavi lets Keerti know that its not important to remain in a leased house as well. Jaya lets that is know she telling them however they aren’t tuning in.

Raghav lets Keerti know that in case she genuinely needed to take off from this house he will not stop her yet assuming there is some other explanation then, at that point, requests that she stop it. He additionally tells who said a young lady can’t live with her folks and family after she gets hitched.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 26th November 2021 Written Story:

This is likewise her home. She has equivalent freedoms as him. If their dead sibling Arjun was alive now he will remain in this house with his significant other and family why not she. Pallavi concurs with him. Keerti tells that she and Sunny will remain with them. Everybody gets cheerful. Pallavi tells Keerti assuming Sunny needs a task he can apply for Raghav’s organization or in her shop where opportunities are accessible. Radiant tells that he dont need a proposition or suggestion particularly when he chooses to remain all alone. Raghav tells that he didnt in light of the fact that a business big shot by giving individuals work like this. He can present his reports and in the event that he is appropriate then his group will extend to him an employment opportunity or, in all likelihood he will assist him with getting another line of work.

Radiant expresses gratitude toward Raghav and lets him know that in the event that he wants any assist he with willing ask him. Jaya tells that she is cheerful on the grounds that after so long they all are here remaining as a family so she needs to commend it. She requests that Pallavi welcome the Deshmukh’s for the supper. Pallavi says OK likewise tells that she will cook every one of the dishes. Keerti offers an assistance yet Pallavi requests that she unload her things first. Jaya Keerti and Sunny leaves the spot. Raghav prevents Pallavi from leaving and tells her is she fail to remember that she wants to say more thank you and they need to proceed with whatever they left behind. Pallavi takes a gander at the kitchen to which Raghav requests that Pallavi not to stress saying the specialists will deal with everything.

Pallavi becomes flushed. Raghav requests that she go to their room after she give the cook what they need to prepare for supper and leaves the spot. Pallavi goes to her room and gets disturbed reasoning Raghav is snoozing. She calls him however gets no reaction so she eliminates the cover yet gets stunned seeing the cushions there. Pallavi pivots yet Raghav comes there and shuts her eyes. He then, at that point, gives her an envelope. Pallavi gets enthusiastic when she sees the application structure to joing a style plan course.

Pallavi says thanks to him. Raghav tells her that he told she will say thanks to him right. Pallavi goes close to him and puts her hand on Raghav. One of the laborer comes there and asks Pallavi what they need to cook. Pallavi pulls from Raghav and tells that she will illuminate them so the laborer leaves. She then, at that point, checks out Raghav who asks her is she would rather not leave him no issue he will assist her with cooking in the kitchen. Pallavi gets glad.

In the kitchen Raghav and Pallavi chooses to cook both Telugu and Maharastrian food. Pallavi chooses to cut the vegetables. Raghav goes to take the attta however it falls on him so Pallavi ridicules him. Raghav pulls her nearer to him and attempts to kiss her however again gets hindered by their laborer which irritates Raghav.

Pallavi grins and requests that he proceed to put on something else. Raghav concurs and leaves the spot. Later Jaya requests that Sunny show her a punjabi dance. She and Sunny moves together. Deshmukh’s comes there. Amruta acclaims Jaya’s dance. Milind tells that he is glad for RaghVi. It’s a glad consummation. Jaya tells its the fresh start. Milind asks where is the legend champion. Mansi tells that their RaghVi is here. Raghav and Pallavi descends wearing conventional garments.

Pallavi lets Sulochana know that she is cheerful she turned into the individual who she used to be. Sulochana tells her that she will trouble her at whatever point she visits her by requesting that she cook most loved dish. One of the laborer brings hawan. Keerti asks Raghav what is this for Raghav tells that he will tell. He then, at that point, pivots and tells Pallavi whenever they first got hitched its brimming with disdain so they can’t ready to satisfy the promises they have taken during their marriage so he needs to wed her again on the grounds that this time it will be loaded up with affection. He bows down and asks Pallavi is she prepared to become Mrs.Raghav Rao once more.

Pallavi gets passionate and gestures her head yes. Raghav and Pallavi takes pheras holding each other’shand. Their first marriage likewise displayed in a flashback. Raghav then, at that point, fills her hairline with vermilion and makes her wear Mangalsutra. He then, at that point, vows to give her a glad life. Eveyone gets glad. Amruta tells on this glad event they need to take a selfie. Everybody concurs. Raghav waits and taps the selfie of the entire family where everybody looks cheerful.

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