Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 23rd-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Sunny gives Keerti a hug water and tells why she is wanting this much water. Is she planning on drinking the whole water. Keerti tells yes she is going to drink the whole water. Sunny asks Keerti about her churni. Keerti tells it’s her churni. Sunny talks about his mother and father how his mother used to do keep Karwachauth fast and in the night she will look at the moon and finish her fasting by eating food from his father’s hand. He also tells that his mother used to tell him when he gets married she will give his wife this churni and ask her to keep the fasting.

Keerti tells that she saw in films about Karwachauth and she will check in the internet when it is then tells its day after tomorrow also tells Sunny that she is going to keep the fast. Sunny tells she cant because she is pregnant so Keerti decides to do the rituals alone also decides to ask Pallavi to do this puja. Pallavi tells Jaya and Keerti that she has seen in films about Karwachauth. She will keep the fast. Keerti tells Pallavi it’s not easy but Pallavi tells that she is going to do this for Raghav so she will manage it. She then sees Esha so she asks her to keep the fast but Jaya interrupts saying Esha can’t keep fast for her as husband. Pallavi tells that she has seen in films that even unmarried girls also keep fast then tells Esha if she wanted to then she can.

Milind sees Sulochana’s look alike in the market and follows her. Seeing Milind she tries to leave but Mulind catches her and asks why she is doing this to him by disguising herself. Sulochana look alike tells her name is Rajni so asks him not to say anything thinking she is someone else who he knows. Milind doesn’t listen and asks Rajni to drop her act. Rajni starts shouting for help. The people in the market surround Milind and Rajni. Rajni leaves the place. Milind tells them that Rajni is his wife and they had a fight that’s why she is reacting like this. No one listens and beats Milind.

Farhad informs Raghav that they got the business deal. Raghav tells he has not even attended the meeting then how come they got the deal. Farhad explains its Pallavi who did it on his behalf and finalized the deal. Raghav gets happy. Pallavi comes there and tells Raghav to attend the press conference because his business partners wanted to do it if he dont attend then she has to use her broom stick. Raghav thanks Pallavi to which Pallavi says all she wants from him is to not to lose his temper even if they ask questions about his past. Raghav promises.

Sunny sess arrangements are happening and asks Keerti about that to which Keerti tells it’s related to some business press conference then they both goes for press conference. Milind comes to the house in the beaten up state and argues with Sulochana for doing this to him. Everyone tells that Sulochana is in the house only but Milimd refuses to believe which lead Sulochana to tell that they have to find a physiatrist for Milind. Raghav meets Esha who congratulates him for his business deal. Raghav praises Pallavi. Esha tells that he truly changed. Raghav tells that he is happy being who he is now. Esha tells nothing wrong in getting involved in illegal businesses that’s what everyone in the industry does. She also tells everyone considers him as their idol so he has to think about his THE RAGHAV RAO status sho don’t tolerate anyone’s nonsense. She also warns him of becoming a normal business man who people not even look at twice and leaves the place.

During press conference Farhad praises Pallavi for making Raghav sit in the conference this calm which never happened before. One of the reporter asks Raghav that they heard in his business deal there is always some illegal thing involved. Raghav recalls Esha’s words so he starts talking to the reporter rudely. He then asks him to leave saying he has no rights to talk to him like this which shocks Farhad and Pallavi. They both separates Raghav from the reporter who threatened Raghav for his behavior. Farhad apologises to him.

Pallavi angrily asks Raghav what is he doing. Raghav tells that he has his own unique style so he wants to handle this on his own style and leaves the place. Pallavi gets shocked. Farhad tells Pallavi it’s all happened because of Esha. Pallavi goes to Esha and tells her that she dont have any rights to interfere in her marriage life. She dont even have any idea what all are the sacrifices she made to change Raghav like this. She also asks her not to ruin her life also if she and Raghav wants to do something or change themselves they have their own mind then they will think about it. She is the one who brought her here against everyone’s wishes but if she crosses the line she will not think twice to throw her out and leaves the room. Esha gets shocked.

Esha then sees Raghav and Pallavi’s marriage photo that time Sunny comes there. Sunny tells that Pallavi showed her true colors bu insulting and threatening her today. Esha defends saying Pallavi is right because she don’t have any rights in her or Raghav’s life. Sunny starts manipulating Esha saying this relationship of Raghav is suffocating the most also to please Pallavi he is losing his true identity she can be the only person who can do that to him. Esha asks Sunny what benefit he is going to get out of this. Sunny tells that he has seen the people in this house happiness is ruined because of Pallavi and he wants them to see happy nothing else and leaves the place. Esha takes the photo frame and hides Pallavi’s picture with her hand then realises what she is doing so she gets worried and puts the photo frame back and leaves the place.

Precap: Raghav apologises to Pallavi to which Pallavi tells that they already promised to each other once the night is over then their fight also and calls him best husband then hugs him. Esha and Sunny watches this from outside. Pallavi performs the Karwachauth ritual. Esha gets angry and thinks that she wanted Raghav to break her fast first. Raghav about to feed water they hear a sound so they both turn around and gets shocked.

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