Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 22nd November 2021 Written Story:

Episode starts with Sunny comes to the room and thinks that Keerti is hiding something from him and he needs to find out at any cost and goes towards her. He asks Keerti that why she and Jaya Raghav talked stopped talking about something when they sees him. Keerti tells Sunny that nothing such they are discussing which is important and they have to hide that from him also. Sunny then asks Keerti that don’t she think Raghav is being weird by forgiving Esha bringing back to her this house to which Keerti acts and tells even she feels that Raghav is acting weird but nothing they can’t do about it. Sunny then asks Keerti did she talked to Pallavi for this. Keerti tells Sunny that it’s been days she talked to Pallavi also even if she talks to her what she can even able to say about her brother’s stupidity.

She then tells Sunny that he has to be happy because his so called sister returned to this house but instead of that why he is thinking about this all. Sunny says that he called Esha as a sister for name sake only. Keerti asks Sunny to show interest in his life and profession too just like how he is showing interest on others life. She also points out how he is not going to his tattoo shop and not earning anything. Sunny tells that he is in touch with his clients through social media but Keerti tells that he can’t earn by being in contact with them. Sunny asks Keerti to not to start again and leaves the place. Keerti shakes her head.

Raghav comes to his study room where Pallavi waits for him. Raghav tells Pallavi that Esha is scared. Pallavi tells that this way they have to scare her more to the point in which she will confess her crimes on her own. Raghav asks Pallavi is she that much eager to come to him. Pallavi says yes also tells that she misses torturing her Gamandi Raoa lot. Raghav gets closer to Pallavi and asks is that the only thing she missed being with him and brings his face closer to Pallavi but Pallavi pulls away from him. Raghav tells she can’t able to go anywhere and gets closer to her again before he could kiss her they gets interrupted by a call of Amruta.

Raghav tells it’s a wrong timing. Pallavi tells that she needs to go because Amruta is handling everything alone. She also tells that she will leave the house through back door and asks him to close it or else Esha will get to know and leaves the place. Sunny gets shocked seeing Pallavi leaving the house through back door and wonders why she is leaving through back door and determines to find the truth.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 20th November 2021Written Story:

Amruta and Pallavi laughs when Pallavi tells how scared Esha was when she saw her wounded look. She also tells that she herself got scared seeing that look of hers in the mirror. She also tells that hopefully Esha confess her crimes soon. Amruta tells Pallavi that Esha is smart so she may think any other way to not to confess her crimes so they have to be more careful. Pallavi tells not only from Esha but also from Sunny she had to be careful. If he gets suspicious then everything will go vain. She then thanks Amruta for handling everything in the house. Amruta tells Pallavi that tomorrow there is a test between Sulochana and Rajini to find out who is her real mother by asking them to cook food. Pallavi laughs and tells Amruta that Milind didn’t tell anything about his plan and realizes that she told Milind’s plan to Amruta by mistake.

Amruta asks Pallavi to tell her. Pallavi refuses but she gives in and tells Milind is the one who bring Rajini to this house to teach a lesson to Sulochana and make her realise the value of family. She also tells that no one knows about this so asks Amruta to not to tell anyone. Amruta tells she wont tell anyone also says that she hope Milind gets succeed in his plan. Pallavi prays to god to get succed in their plan also Milind’s plan. Esha in her room turns around here and there recalling everything that happened. She wakes up and tells that whatever she saw today is true its not her imagination and she starts worrying. Raghav watches her from outside and tells that this is just a start and for the things she did to him and his family they will teach her a lesson for sure and smirks.

The next day Esha wakes up and looks around then closes her eyes to go back to sleep. Keerti comes there with a cup of tea. Esha gets happy and tells it’s not necessary and takes it from her. Keerti goes and sits on the near by couch. She then goes near Esha who asks why she is looking at her that way. Keerti acts and tells Esha that she wont spare her for killing her also tells the tea which she had is poison in it. Esha gets shocked.

Esha calls for help. Raghav and Sunny comes there. Esha asks Raghav to take her to the hospital saying Keerti mixed poison on her tea also she talked like Pallavi. Keerti comes there and asks Esha why she is blaming her if she don’t want to be her friend then tell instead of accusing her like this. She also tells Sunny that she tried to be friends with Esha and he can clearly see its result. Raghav stops Esha from takking further and takes her to aside and tells that he understands she is scared but he will make her realise she is assuming things nothing else.

Then asks Sunny and Keerti to go to their room so they leaves. In Deshmukh’s house Sharda tells both Sulochana and Rajini has to cook to which Sulochana suggests Maharastrian food and everyone agrees which worries Milind and Rajini. Esha thinks that she can’t able to stay in this haunted house and packs her things. She then gets shocked when the door closes on its own and the light starts blinking. She screams for help. She then goes towards the cupboard door and gets shocked seeing Pallavi there who strangles her neck and tells her that she will not spare her for killing her and snatching Raghav from her. Esha closes her eyes and screams.

Raghav comes there and asks Esha what happened to which Esha tells that she saw Pallavi and she dont want to stay in this house so she is leaving. Raghav stops her and angrily asks her is she think that he is the Raghu who listens to her every word. He is Raghav Rao and she killed his Pallavi so she has to stay in this house only and asks her to go and stay in her room silently. Esha gets shocked and looks at Raghav.

Precap: Esha tells since Pallavi died it’s all happening. Sunny asks Esha what nonsense is she saying because he saw her today leaving this house which shocks Esha. Later Sunny tells Keerti and Jaya now he gets to know about their plan also Esha iis on her way to Deshmukh’s house to find Pallavi and their plan to scare Esha is going to flo. He further adds that he is going to call Esha and tell her about their plans. Jaya and Keerti gets worried. Raghav hears everything and gets angry.

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