Main Hoon Aparajita Written Updates 13th October 2022:

Main Hoon Aparajita Written Updates 13th October 2022 on

Episode begins with Mohini let her companions know that she will remodel the house. Aparajita comes there and expresses out loud whatever did you say regarding my home? Mohini says the insides will change in the house, didn’t Akshay tell you? She acquaints Aparajita with her companions and lets them know that she runs clothing.

Mohini’s companion jokingly says my child calls her Clothing didi. Aparajita says he calls me with love and youngsters know how to regard and she encourages them to gain from kids. Mohini’s companion gets annoyed. Mohini stops her and requests that Aparajita get tea for her companions as she doesn’t have a passage into her kitchen. Little dog calls Aparajita.

Aparajita says these are uncalled visitors yet I will serve them tea as I probably am aware how to regard visitors yet first I will know why Doggy called me. She leaves. Companions inquire as to whether she called them to get offended. She requests that Mohini welcome them when she has freedoms in the house. Mohini says it’s my home and it’s simply a misconception. They go to the gallery. Mohini displays before her companions with respect to their Dubai house.

Aparajita takes Pandit’s favors. He favors her and gives her Navaratri Kalash. He tells this Kalash stapana and pooja at home will bring favorable luck. Amma says Aparajita pooja will get flourishing, that is the reason individuals from Dubai came to take help of my girl in regulation. Companions ask Mohini what help they are taking from Aparajita. Mohini stands mum.

Aparajita requests that Amma leave it and they enter the home with Kalash. Mohini says she will do Kalash stapana if not nobody will make it happen. Aparajita requests that everybody sit to have tea. Mohini stops them. She requests that Aparajita give her Kalash and tells her that she and Akshay will do the pooja by putting it in the mandir. Akshay comes there and concurs. Amma asks what privileges she needs to do the puja. Mohini says I’m the spouse of Akshay and have privileges on this puja.

Mohini contacts Kalash. Amma requests that Mohini leave the Kalash as I’m not thinking about you as Akshay’s better half and my little girl in regulation so leave it. Mohini leaves. Akshay asks his mom how might she converse with Mohini along these lines. Amma says nobody can have Aparajita’s spot in the house. She says Mohini will kick the bucket in disgrace on the off chance that she sees herself in the mirror assuming she has any disgrace left. Aparajita stops her and attempts to take her inside.

Akshay stops Aparajita. He tells his mother, not to make any show as Mohini is his better half. Amma says Aparajita is my girl in regulation and I’m halting the show not making it. Mohini says don’t say it that way, I’m likewise your little girl in regulation so don’t grab my privileges. She pushes Kalash deliberately from Aparajita’s hand. Aparajita holds Kalash with assistance of her saree pallu. Amma chastens Mohini. Akshay says it could occur accidentally.

Disha lets Chavi know that women need to instruct illustrations to their spouses assuming they bring one more lady at home. Chavi cries. Disha causes her to sit and asks her what occurred. Chavi uncovers her Mohini is wanting to remove them from the house. Disha gets stunned. Aparajita demands everybody to leave. Pandit and everybody take off from the house. Chavi says she has done an error by calling their father.

Disha stirs things up around town out of frustration. Aparajita takes the Kalash. Mohini tosses a container and faces Aparajita what I asked you that you can’t give it to me. Aparajita says you’re asking my reality. Mohini asks might her presence at any point go with puja. Aparajita expresses my parents in law gave me this right and I won’t run from my obligations and wish you comprehend that you can’t grab my freedoms and as girl in law of this house I will do this puja in the future as well.

Akshay requests that Aparajita quit showing her privileges which she doesn’t have. Amma cautions him to not converse with her girl in regulation along these lines. Akshay requests that Amma comprehend that Mohini is her girl in-regulation, not Aparajita. He asks won’t she see the distinction. He says you asked me Aparajita for what good reason I’m leaving you 15 years back, trust you see it. Aparajita cries. Disha and Chavi get back.

Akshay says you’re not my significant other so quit showing freedoms on this house. Chavi, Asha, and Disha go into the house. Aparajita requests that they go inside as the older folks are talking. Akshay says let them stay and listen that Mohini is my significant other, not you. Akshay says Mohini has right to do Navaratri puja so give her Kalash. Disha attempts to mediate yet Chavi stops her.

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