Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 21st-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Harsh instigating Samaira. She gets furious and says that she do care about her daughter. He ask her that if she really want her daughter and reminds about her priorities. He says that she only wanted Kuldeep and her goal was to go to Dubai along with him. He questions if she is changing her plan? To which she denies and says that she knows what she have to do. She leave from there, while Harsh keeps looking at her.

Here, Shubhra and Kuldeep reaches their home along with Rishi and Roli. Both the kids get inside their room and comes out after writing some names on their notebook. They shows it to their parents and ask why Samaira is trying to snatch everyone who is close to them. They shows Kuldeep’s name and Sadashiv’s name, reminding that she have came in between their family.

Shubhra comforts them and says that now their father is along with them. Rishi and Roli denies stating that Kuldeep still lives with Samaira. He hugs them and assures that he only loves them and will stay with them. Later, Shubhra and Kuldeep talks to eachother regarding Vedika.

Elsewhere, Shubhra points out the mistake of their kid and says that they shouldn’t have talked ill about Samaira. Kuldeep takes stand for their kids and questions that how Vedika got influenced by Samaira? He praises Vedika of being a smart girl, one who loves her father dearly. He ask that how she gets convinced by Samaira? To which Shubhra tells that Vedika always wanted her mother and so Samaira is taking advantage of her.

Shubhra reminds Kuldeep about how Samaira manipulated him and he got into her trap. He feels guilty about his deeds, while she comforts him and says that everything will be fine soon. They both hugs and composes one another.

Ahead, Samaira enjoys with Vedika while Anant comes there with a cake to impress Vedika. He tries to convince her, while she ask him to apologise to Samaira. He says that he can do anything for her and ask sorry from Samaira. He states that if Vedika wants both of her parents then she will get it. She happily hugs her father, while Samaira looks at them.

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 20th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Rishi and Roli wakes Shubhra late at night and ask about Kuldeep. Shubhra gets worried seeing Kuldeep missing and all three tries to search for him. At that time Kuldeep comes there and everyone expresses their tension. He assures them and takes Rishi and Roli inside to make them sleep. He comes back to Shubhra, while she hugs him expressing her fear. She says that she can’t afford to lose him, while he comforts her. He notify Shubhra about Anant shifting to Samaira’s house to stay with his daughter, while she worries about him remembering his warning and says that they have to check on them.

Further, Anant calls Vedika out of Samaira’s room while latter keeps their daughter busy with her. He requests Vedika to come out, whereas latter finally comes towards him. He questions if she is angry with her? To which she nods and ask that why he and Samaira can’t stay together? She says that she wants to be with both of them, while he tries to make her understand that not everyone is suitable for eachother.

Samaira hears their conversation and goes to open the door when someone knocks it. She gets shocked seeing Shubhra, who barges inside her house and ask about Kuldeep. Samaira replies that Kuldeep isn’t there, while Shubhra acts to get dumbstruck seeing Anant there. She questions him, whereas he replies that he wants to stay with his daughter. At that time Vedika happily declares that she will be with both of her parents.

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