Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 15th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Anant sharing his problem with Shubhra. He states that Vedika is being adamant to go to Samaira and isn’t listening to him. He says that when he denied her, she said that he don’t love her. He gets tensed and expresses his love for Vedika. Shubhra tries to make him understand and ask him not to take her words seriously as she is only a kid. He declares that he don’t trust Samaira and won’t let his daughter to go to her.

Here, Shubhra comforts Anant and ask him to relax. At that time she gets a message from Kuldeep, who informed her that Phirki confessed that Samaira was behind Sadashiv’s death. He asks Shubhra to meet him as soon as possible. Shubhra tells Anant that she have some work and ask him to let Vedika stay with her. She says that being with Rishi and Roli, Vedika will get fine.

Rishi and Roi gives advices to Vedika, when she shares her problem with them. Rishi asks her to make cute faces to melt their parents. Rishi and Roli both makes some faces and shows to Vedika. Whereas, Vedika gets excited and thinks about meeting her mother.

Elsewhere, Shubhra meets Kuldeep. He tells her about Phirki’s confession and states that Madhura was right. Shubhra cries remembering her father, while he blames himself for being the reason for Sadashiv’s death. She consoles him, while he gets frustrated and ask why she saved him when he was trying to suicide. He states that if he was dead then Samaira wouldn’t have killed Sadashiv.

Samaira consoles Kuldeep and ask him not to get shattered. She declares him to be their confidence and ask him to be strong. She assures that they will make Samaira pay for her crime and says tht they already have many proofs against Samaira.

Ahead, Shubhra and Kuldeep reaches police station and tells the matter to Inspector. They ask the Inspector to believe them, while he says that he also doubts Samaira, but they can’t put them in jail without any solid proof. He ask them to gather some strong evidence on order to make Samaira and Phirki pay for their crime.

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 14th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Shubhra and Kuldeep reaches Samaira’s house, while Kuldeep ask her to got to the kids. He gets anxious and decides to kill Samaira in order to get rid of all the problems. Shubhra scolds him and ask him to think carefully. She says that they can’t afford to let him go to jail and hugs him by expressing her worry. She takes him along with herself.

Further, they meet Harsh and Samaira. Harsh goes away from there, while Samaira mocks Kuldeep. He gets angry, while Shubhra controls him and confronts Samaira about killing her father. Samaira blames Shubhra for being the reason behind everything. She says that she already told Shubhra to marry Harsh but she denied. Shubhra declares that she will make Samaira pay for her crime. Kuldeep was about to attack Samaira, when she shows him the gun and warns him stating that she can hurt him. Kuldeep gets worried for Shubhra and sends her away from there.

Shubhra reaches Harsh’s cabin and rebukes him for being changed. She remembers how they met and tells him that she regret meeting him. She tells him about his professionalism and ask why is he helping a criminal like Samaira? He reminds her that how easily she have forgiven Kuldeep, who have given so much of pain to her. She says that he is helping Samaira only because he wants to take revenge from her for denying his proposal. She was about to leave, when he stops her.

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