Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 18th October 2022:

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Episode begins with Rhea imparting her anxiety to Alia. Alia attempts to quiet her down. Rhea actually doesn’t quiet down. Alia says she will proceed to converse with Prachi. Rhea stops Alia and says Prachi and Shahana are searching for her pregnancy report. Alia reminds Rhea that she previously enlightened her. Rhea says she was thinking she seperated Prachi and Ranbir however says that everything isn’t that way and says Ranbir and Prachi are turning out to be nearer.

Alia guarantees Rhea not to stress. Rhea shares with Alia that she shouldn’t ponder doing something to Prachi. Alia inquires as to whether she is agonizing over Prachi. Rhea says there is nothing similar to that and says she doesn’t believe Alia or herself should be caught. Alia says not at all like that will occur and says it will seem to be an unplanned passing. Alia says she will make sense of when the designer comes tomorrow.

The designer comes and gives Alia the dresses that he made and says the one she requested is no 1 and no 2 is a precise duplicate of it. The designer again guarantees Alia. The designer leaves. Alia turns and sees Priya. Alia asks Priya what is she doing here? Priya says she was cleaning. Alia reprimands Priya for remaining behind her and tells Priya not to remain behind her once more.

Pallavi comes and asks Alia what is happening? Alia says she carried Dupatta with God’s endowments for Rhea and says Prachi could feel terrible seeing this so she likewise carried a Dupatta for Prachi with God’s favors. Pallavi asks Alia for what good reason are there no 1 and no 2 for the dresses? Alia says Prachi trusts in an alternate God from Rhea so there are 2 distinct dresses for them with their #1 God’s gifts. Alia requests that Pallavi give it to Rhea and Prachi. Pallavi advises Priya to call Rhea and Prachi to her room.

Rhea and Prachi come to Pallavi’s room. Pallavi gives Prachi the dupatta saying it is Pallavi’s gifts for Prachi and her kid. Prachi takes the dupatta and her gifts. Pallavi gives Rhea a dupatta and says exactly the same thing. Pallavi says thanks to Alia for doing this and wishes a blissful Diwali to her. Alia does likewise.

Rhea and Alia discuss their arrangement. Alia says Prachi will bite the dust when she goes close to Diya. Rhea likewise remarks on it.

Prachi reviews Pallavi giving the dupatta and shares with her youngster that Pallavi loves him moreover. Prachi takes a gander at Ranbir’s photograph and says they are both the equivalent. Prachi says the two of them express their affection in various ways.

Rhea and Alia see Prachi. Rhea shares with Alia on Diwali we consume underhanded and welcome great. So on this event of Diwali, I will consume Prachi who is shrewd in my life, and welcome satisfaction. Alia says she pondering would occur on the off chance that she didn’t save Prachi when Prachi got into a mishap. Rhea says it’s rarely past the point of no return.

Pallavi gets visitors alongside Vikram. Vikram welcomes Sanjay and asks him assuming that he knew for what valid reason we do Diwali. Neha offers Vikram’s response saying since Ruler Shriram has returned following 14 years to Ayodhya. Vikram tells Sanjay her girl is very much like her mom. Daljeet comes and goes along with them. Aryan additionally comes and prods Neha.

Neha sees Ranbir coming. Shahana sees Ranbir coming and remarks on him to Prachi. Neha additionally hearing this says he is attractive. Rhea comes and says that attractive person is her significant other. Neha chooses to ask Ranbir for what valid reason is he hitched. Ranbir sees the young ladies and welcomes Neha. Ranbir requests that Neha go to meet Daljeet. Neha concurs. Neha asks Ranbir for what valid reason did he get hitched? Ranbir says since his heart stalled out at one individual. Neha inquires as to whether it is as yet stuck or on the other hand in the event that it meanders around. Ranbir says it is his long-lasting location.

Prachi asks Rhea for what valid reason she presented herself like that? Rhea doesn’t offer a response and leaves. Prachi pursues her. Prachi requests that Rhea quit calling Ranbir her significant other. Rhea requests that Prachi quit relaxing. Rhea incites Prachi saying Prachi will take off from this house after she weds Sid and says it is better for Prachi to figure what she ought to call Sid. Rhea says she will give Aarti with Ranbir. Prachi says spouse and husband give Aarti together.

Rhea shares with Prachi she is talking like she actually cherishes Ranbir and she will express no to Sid. Prachi says she expressed yes on Pallavi’s demand. Rhea challenges Prachi and says the individual who gives Aarti with Ranbir, he will be hers. Sid goes to Alia and says he needs to meet Mihika. Sid says on the off chance that he doesn’t meet her then he will be miserable and everybody will realize he is in a difficult situation and afterward concealing the truth will be tricky. Alia inquires as to whether he is compromising her. Sid says assuming she needs she can think like that.

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